Publicis新加坡: 宝马新加坡地区推广新的全球品牌活动

Objective: Launch BMW’s new global brand campaign in Singapore. 新加坡地区推广新的全球品牌活动
Challenge: Make Joy relevant to the Singaporean consumer and create a conversation around this point of view. 将乐趣这个主题连结上新加坡的消费者, 并且创造”有关乐趣”这个话题的讨论。

Strategic Approach 策略点

Take joy to work, and success will inevitably follow. This is BMW Asia’s take on the global “JOY IS BMW” campaign. To communicate this idea, we transformed Singapore’s symbols of success- its gleaming office buildings- into symbols of joy. Staged at the iconic Suntec City towers, Joy came to life in 3D with an innovative projection technique never seen before in Asia. Passers-by could also interact and share their messages of joy by SMS, which were beamed instantly on to the buildings.

懂得乐趣的工作, 成功最终会来。这就是BMW亚洲区新推出的全球 “BMW 就是乐趣”广告活动。为了要沟通这个想法, 我们大胆利用新加坡的成功象征的标的物之一, Suntec城市大楼, 再以亚洲区首见的立体投影机投射在大楼上; 来往的消费者可以用短信等方式来互动。我们也可以立刻的将互动投影到大楼上。

We drove people to the event using social media and local radio.

Results so far 效果

The objective was to build awareness of BMW’s point of view on Joy. The video was seeded on social media and shared with influential bloggers. After only a week, the video had over 150,000 views on Youtube.
本活动的主要目的是在消费者心中建立起BMW对乐趣的观点。这个影带被置放在各个网络媒体上, 包括给各个有影响力的博客, 仅一周已有超过15万的点阅。

Why has it been a success

We used conversation creating technology to tell this story of joy as a fuel of success. We told this story in a relevant way and at a relevant place – encouraging consumer engagement at a place where people spend most of their time seeking success – work.
用创新的科技来说明, 乐趣才是成功的动力。我们把这样的对话带到最相关的地方, 以最相关的方式来呈现。让消费者真正的参与, 特别是在他们追求成功的地方 – 办公室。

Project: BMW 3D Projection Mapping Singapore 宝马互动乐趣
Client: BMW Asia 宝马亚洲区
Agency: Publicis Singapore 阳狮广告新加坡
Production Company: NuFormer
Launch Date: 5th May 2010

Chief Creative Officer: Calvin Soh
Executive Creative Director: Ajay Thrivikraman
Project Director: Ben Wardle
Art Director: Samakorn Lohachala, Alvin Tan
Copywriter: Chalit Manuyakorn, Leslie Lim


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