[上海] 魅力惠招聘艺术总监/市场专员

Glamour Sales 魅力惠

Company Background

Glamour Sales China (魅力惠), founded in 2010 by French nationals, is one of the first and most successful authorized flash sales e-commerce websites to work exclusively and directly with brands.  The company is growing rapidly, with a membership base of over 2 million members, growing at 2,500 new members added per day.  www.glamour-sales.com.cn
The Neiman Marcus Group(尼曼), top luxury department store chains in the United States, made a strategic investment in Glamour Sales Holding to fuel its existing and successful flash sales business in Asia and launched a new full-price ecommerce website in China. www.neimanmarcus.com.cn

Art  Director


  1. Executing strategies that drive sales growth and position Glamour Sales to be a leader in the industry
  2. Establish creative direction for the website on seasonal basis
  3. Managing delivery and updates of web pages, EDM, online ads and marketing, etc. from concept through completion
  4. Partner with internal teams in Marketing, Production and Merchandising to articulate strategy, messaging and tactics to ensure success
  5. Participate in development, implementation and maintenance of creative group policies, objectives, along with short and long term planning
  6. Provide daily approvals and direction on creative assignments
  7. Provide a leading example of attitude, behavior, teamwork and professional development
  8. Set priorities for your team’s efforts, based on highest impact to business results
  9. Ability to bring consistently innovative and fresh ideas to the website
  10. Ability to make daily decisions and provide direction on creative concepts and executions based on brand appropriateness, target audience relevance and potential for business results
  11. Direct, inspire and ensure the highest level of art direction and design
  12. Provide quality control over concepts and projects


  1.  Approximately 7 years of proven web experience in large-scale web sites, e-marketing, and or advertising with international companies
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, interactive design, multimedia, marketing, fine arts, advertising or related discipline
  3. A strong sense of visual style and fashion with exceptional graphic design skills specific to the Web, while working within the framework of restrictions and guidelines
  4. Knowledge of layouts, graphic fundamentals, typography & limitations of the web
  5. Knowledge of Web design best practices for creating user-focused designs
  6. Print and web design capabilities: It is necessary to know how to work in both media for integrated campaigns
  7. Ability to execute on design projects – from concept through to production
  8. Expert knowledge and usage of design software including Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash
  9. Ability to make evaluative judgments
  10. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing in English and Chinese
  11. Ability to supervise and train employees, to include organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling work assignments
  12. Strategic, big-picture thinking
  13. Superior attention to detail is a must
  14. Strong Sensitivity to fashion and products



  1. 执行战略,推动销售增长,促使魅力惠在行业里成为主导地位的职位
  2. 在季节性的基础上建立网站的创意指导
  3. 管理网页的更新与发布,EDM,在线广告以及营销等,从概念到完成
  4. 与内部团队在市场营销、生产和销售策略方面的合作、从而以清晰的战略表达和消息传递来确保运营顺利
  5. 参与开发、实现和维护创造性组织政策,伴随短期和长期规划
  6. 提供每日审核以及创造性任务方向
  7. 提供一个在态度、行为、团队合作和专业发展方面的专业模范
  8. 对商业结果有最高影响的行为设定优先级
  9. 保持不断创新的能力和和为网站带来新理念
  10. 有日常决策的能力,在执行创意概念方面能提供方向,基于是否适合品牌以及目标客户的相关性和潜在的业务结果
  11. 直接、激励和确保最高水平的艺术指导和设计
  12. 提供质量控制的概念和项目


  1. 七年左右大型网站,网络营销,或国际公司的广告工作经验
  2. 本科以上学历,平面设计、互动设计、多媒体、营销、美术、广告或相关专业
  3. 具有很强的视觉风格和特殊图形设计的时尚技能,特别在网站方面,在工作的框架内的限制条件和指导方针
  4. 知识的布局,图形的基本原理,排版和网络的局限性;
  5. 能创建聚焦设计的网页设计实践的知识
  6. 排版和网页设计能力:知道如何在两个媒体综合活动中工作
  7. 设计项目方面的执行能力,从概念到生产
  8. 专业知识,会使用的设计软件包括Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver和Flash
  9. 有评估判断的能力
  10. 在英语和中文的读写方面有良好的沟通能力
  11. 指导和培训员工的能力,包括组织、优先级和调度工作任务
  12. 有战略、宏观的思考
  13. 注重细节
  14. 对时尚产品有敏锐的感觉

Marketing Executive- EDM Specialist


  1. Responsible to various EDM  (E-Newsletter) projects: planning, implement, tracking, analysis and optimize
  2. A good EDM Controller/Monitor, able to closely work with EDM agency
  3. Strong ability to create themed EDM brief with in-depth copywriting and fashion sense, work together with creative  in layout design
  4. According to the promotion calendar and merchandising requirement, coordinate, plan and implement the EDM, and adapt with any urgent requests
  5. Analyze EDM performance to improve and achieve better conversion
  6. Create EDM campaigns with different member groups to increase customer experience.


  1. University degree or above in Business, Marketing, or Fashion Management
  2. Two years experience in Marketing or CRM (Customer Relations Management)
  3. Strong senses in fashion, marketing, and customer care. In-depth brand knowledge with high creativity
  4. High integrate communication skills, good team player
  5. High learning curve, able to handle EDM project independently
  6. Strong project planning and implementation skills
  7.  Analytical, sensitive to data with solution-oriented mindset
  8. High sense of responsibility



  1. 负责各种EDM(电子通讯)项目规划,实施,跟踪,分析和优化
  2. 良好的EDM控制及监管能力,与EDM机构密切合作
  3. 能创建EDM主题概要,具有良好的文案写作能力,对时尚有一定敏锐度,能和创意部一起完成布局设计
  4. 根据推广时间表和采购部要求,协调计划及实施EDM,能适应任何紧急请求
  5. 分析EDM效果,持续改进以期达到更好的效果
  6. 针对不同的客户组创建不同的EDM并提高客户体验


  1. 本科学历或以上;商务、市场营销或者时尚管理专利
  2. 2年在市场营销或CRM(客户关系管理)领域的经验
  3. 时尚感知度强,市场营销能力优秀,具有客户服务理念;对品牌有深入了解,创新能力突出
  4. 良好的沟通技巧,具有团队精神
  5. 学习能力强,能够独立操作EDM 项目
  6. 项目规划和实施技能强
  7. 具有分析能力,对数据敏感和思维方式是以解决问题为导向
  8. 具有高度责任感

Business Development Manager

Job Summary:   

The Business Development Manager’s primary responsibility is new brand acquisition.  He/she is responsible for achieving new brand acquisition goals and corresponding revenue goals within the assigned list of target brands.

  • Initiate contacts with prospective brand principles and/or brand distributors through emails, phone calls, and attending trade shows etc.
  • Perform market research on target list of brands through online research and store visits (both regular and outlet).
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the Glamour Sales platform, including its history, user statistics, and categorical sales performances.
  • Present and explain clearly to prospective brand partners the GLS business model, merits, conditions and terms, as well as process flow.
  • Liaise internally with Merchandise Managers on execution of first sales events.
  • Achieve or exceed the monthly target sales target, as well as monthly new brand acquisition target.

Key Qualifications:

  • 4+ years of sales experience with a minimum of 3 years in the Business-to-Business area.
  • 3+ years of sales experience in the fashion / luxury field, with experience dealing with senior company executives (Directors, VPs, GMs).
  • A strong history of sales goal achievement during career.
  • Excellent presentation and negotiation skills
  • Excellent communication skills, including strong written and verbal skills.
  • Strong organizational abilities.
  • Previous e-commerce experience preferred.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher from a 4-year college or university.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in written and spoken Mandarin.
  • Fluency in written English.
  • Ability to converse in English comfortably in business setting.




  1. 启动接触潜在的品牌原则和/或品牌经销商通过电子邮件、电话、参加展会等。
  2. 执行市场调研的目标列表的品牌通过在线研究和存储访问(包括常规和出口)。
  3. 开发一个全面的了解,魅力的销售平台,包括它的历史、用户统计,分类的销售表现。
  4. 现在和清晰的解释潜在的品牌合作伙伴业务模型的gl,优点,条件和条款,以及工艺流程。
  5. 内部联系与商品经理在执行第一销售事件。
  6. 达到或超过月度目标销售目标,以及每月的新品牌收购目标。


  1. 4年以上的销售经验和至少3年在b2b领域。
  2. 3年以上的销售经验在时尚/奢侈品领域, 有经验处理公司高管(董事、高级副总裁,总经理)。
  3. 强烈的历史成就职业生涯期间销售目标。
  4. 优秀的演讲和谈判技巧
  5. 优秀的沟通技能,包括书面和口头技能强。
  6. 强大的组织能力。
  7. 有电子商务经验者优先。
  8. 学士学位或更高的从四年制的学院或大学。


  1. 流利的书面和口语普通话
  2. 流利的书面英语
  3. 商务沟通中能自如使用英文交流


有意者请投简历至:kathy.huang@glamour-sales.com.cn ,联系时请务必注明招聘信息来自于DamnDigital, 谢谢


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