[V]Thoughtful China: 如何判断你的媒体广告是否奏效?

媒介策划正面临前所未有的挑战,消费者较以往有更多的选择,而他们吸收广告资讯的设备及在他较以往更多。那么该如何判断你的媒体广告是否奏效?本周Thoughtful中国,传立中国总裁Amrita Randhawa为您一一解答!

来源: Thoughtful China


  • Mindshare传立中国总裁Amrita Randhawa。
Media agencies have never faced a more challenging time when it comes to planing and buying media for a successful campaign. Consumers have more choices than ever, and they view ad messages in an ever greater number of devices and formats.Ms. Randhawa spoke with host Trevor Lai about the challenges facing the media industry today, such as how to evaluate the ROI of ad spending, how media agencies should be structured to maintain growth in the future and how to evaluate the effectiveness of social media campaigns.




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