[V]Thoughtful China: 如何在亚洲建立广告代理网络?

本期全想中国(Thoughtful China)的话题是如何在亚洲建立广告代理网络,由来自Engine集团,这个既不属于全球控股公司的地方分支,也不同于土生土长的本地代理机构的亚洲主席兼首席执行官David Liu和您分享!

来源: Thoughtful China


  •  Engine集团亚洲主席兼首席执行官 David Liu
“Our whole industry is about the change,” said David Liu, Engine Group’s Chairman & CEO, Asia, this week on “Thoughtful China.” A veteran of Asia’s media industry, Mr. Liu was part of the Aegis Media leadership that helped revolutionize the way media-buying is handled worldwide. Today, he’s leading Engine’s expansion into Asia. Find out more this week on “Thoughtful China.”


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