[V]Thoughtful China: 如何在社交媒体时代处理公关危机?

本期全想中国(Thoughtful China)的话题是社交媒体时代的公关危机。如果企业能在危机发生的8小时内作出回应,就很有可能得到最佳的解决效果,当然其中还需要考虑许多不同因素。微时代“危”机四伏?如何从容应对?

来源: Thoughtful China


  •  博雅公关中国 董事总经理Brian Cronkhite


  • 安可顾问董事总经理孙玉红
  • 奥美公关经营合伙人褚文
  • 化险咨询危机及安全咨询部总监John Macpherson
Microblogs have come to play a pivotal role not only in brand marketing but also in breaking and amplifying crises and scandals. They disseminate news and guide public opinion. This week on Thoughtful China, our guests will share advice about how to handle a crisis in the microblog era, common triggers for PR problems and strategies to avoid them.


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