Nike Launches New Campaign in Taiwan

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耐克Nike与Wieden + Kennedy上海合作以“我改变运动”为主题在台湾展开了新一轮“Just Do It”推广活动。此次活动旨在重新激起台湾年轻人对运动的动力和热情, 改善时下年轻人由于各类生活因素而与运动脱节的状况。

作为耐克Nike台湾六年多来的首次自主品牌推广活动, 耐克Nike提出了勇敢大胆的想法, 即: 重新点燃全台湾年轻一代的运动热情。

“通过这一系列广告, 我们希望不断激发台湾年轻人内心对运动存有的热情, 并借由‘Just Do It’(想做就做) 的口号打开他们的心扉, ”W+K上海耐克Nike客户总监Jarrett Dube如是说。

这个系列广告集中描绘了几位台湾年轻的运动员,他们可谓是其运动领域的真正“改革者”, 是全面体现“Just Do It”精神风貌的最佳典范。

这一系列广告包括: 电视广告、电影院、平面和户外, 同时还借助游击广告、数字传媒、公关宣传和商品零售方面的大力支持。三月中旬, 台湾在美国职业棒球大联盟比赛现场直播的过程中首次播出了本次活动的电视广告, 与此同时还有一家网站也进行了广告试播, 从而为4月1日的正式播出做好准备。

Nike has launched a new Just Do It campaign for Taiwan via W+K Shanghai centered around the theme of I Can Change Sport. The goal of the work is to re-affirm the power and emotion of sport with Taiwanese youth as a number of factors have caused it to begin to lose relevancy in their lives.
With this being the first original brand campaign for Nike Taiwan in over 6 years, Nike’s looking to make a bold statement that will re-ignite the fire for sport in youth across Taiwan.
“Through the work, we’re looking to tap into the hearts of Taiwanese youth by fueling the existing passion for sport that’s inside them, and using the power of “Just Do It” to be the force to help do so”, says Jarrett Dube, Nike Account Director at W+K Shanghai.
The campaign features young Taiwanese athletes who are actual “changemakers” in their respective sports and are prime examples of individuals that embody all the characteristics that define what Just Do It represents.
The new campaign includes TVC, Cinema, Print, OOH and is also supported via guerrilla, digital, PR and retail efforts. In the middle of March, the TVC first aired in a live Major League Baseball game broadcasted in Taiwan along with a website soft launch, with all efforts leading up to the main launch on April 1st.


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