Ogilvy 奥美


Ogilvy & Mather Advertising 奥美广告

Account Director, ATL     客户总监


  1. Senior client contact for Marketing Director, Brand Managers, Product Managers
  2. Responsible for ensuring Client satisfaction and handling strategic issues or problem resolution of brand communication issues
  3. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace and our Client’s business including various media and distribution channels
  4. Pro-active strategic proposals for customer management  business opportunities
  5. Be accountable for the security of our Client’s business
  6. Contribute and if appropriate lead new business pitching opportunities

Group Account Director-ATL   客户群总监


  1. Helps identify and win new business – measured by suspects & prospects identified, pitches made and  win rate


  1. Embodies Brand Stewardship all that he does -measured by DCS & MD evaluation
  2. Leads Brand Team for short term results and long term development- measured by client and Client Service Director evaluation
  3. Provides communications counsel and strategic advice to each client – measured by client, DCS  and 360 degree evaluations
  4. Develops strong relations with senior clients and delights them with our work – measured by client evaluation and growth of their business
  5. Supervises & constructively directs the team to produce clear strategies and briefs which inspire great work – measured by CD and DCS evaluation
  6. Delivers long term brand-building campaigns – measure by  # running over  3 years
  7. Develops the professional competencies of people in the group and drives the team to improved performance – measured by 360 evaluation and client evaluation
  8. Grows his accounts and delivers income/profit to forecast on each client – measured by P&L and multi year and client analysis


  1. Coaches best practice in client service to the group – measured by upward 360 degree and number of sessions conducted & participants’ evaluations


  1. Works with creative partners to produce great work – measured by creative bonus and spread of awards across clients
  2. Sells great work – measured by % of ideas bought first time
  3. Encourages a climate of creativity and innovation in the group – measured by # of business boosting initiatives proposed, accepted and implemented by client


  1. Identifies and puts in place new ways of working that allows the group to deliver quality work faster and cheaper – measured by # of new ways considered and adopted and subsequent cost/time savings


OgilvyOne 奥美互动

Account Manager, Digital    客户经理,互动经验


  1. 3年以上4A广告公司工作经验,服务过国际快销类客户;
  2. 了解客户的品牌及相关市场状况
  3. 能独立面对客户,并独立处理作业中的问题,及时与主管沟通;
  4. 监控并保证工作项目的时间进度; 监督并保证内部流程的顺利展开
  5. 热诚与客户沟通,及时就客户的工作提出建设性意见;
  6. 有较强的人际交流能力和良好的团队合作精神,能承担较大的工作压力;
  7. 本科及以上学历;
  8. 中英文听、说、读、写流利。

Digital Copywriter –  互动文案(2~4年经验)



  1. 2-4年广告经验,思维清晰,聪明,能够顺畅的将感受表达为文字
  2. 对新的事物有足够的好奇心,
  3. 有互动经验者,英语出色者优先,
  4. 请附上你最引以为傲的作品,如果没有作品,你可以附上你认为最有趣并与广告无关的作品(摄影,电影美术皆可)

Digital Creative Director/互动创意总监-  (Art Base)

这份工作将跨越多个传播领域,我们的客户在中国和亚太地区的多个市场需要创新的产品和品牌推广策略,并分别在线上线下及网络加以执行,例如:公司网站、产品网站、网络广告、多媒体、CD ROM、直邮、包装、平面和户外广告。请将能充分表达你想法的个人资料和三个最引以为傲的作品寄给我们!


  1. 具备扎实的美术基础,从事相关工作8年以上
  2. 解设计,视觉及排版,精通数字技术,例如Flash等
  3. 有4A线上及互动创意经验佳
  4. 服务于多种类型的客户
  5. 优秀的领导能力,有过带团队的经验

Art Director-Digital  互动美术指导(3~5年经验)


CRM Senior Consultant


  1. Provide customer management and marketing consulting services as professional service to Clients.
  2. Be a strategic lead counsel to the Client service teams in order to uplift engagements on existing Clients.
  3. Confident in using and applying OgilvyOne’s consulting tools (ie. Customer Ownership)
  4. Able to translate data insights into marketing insights
  5. Define a clear consulting scope based on business requirements
  6. Confident in working with other third parties and initiate and drive research projects
  7. Manage client expectations and promote consulting functions to clients
  8. Develop key customer management strategies and understand implementation implications
  9. Build relationships with management and staff (internal & external) in business areas associated with customer management planning work.
  10. Develop the skills and knowledge within other members of the department or company
  11. Interrogate syndicated and Client research material to provide answers to briefs issued by team or the client servicing team.
  12. Confident in Data Analysis, Telemarketing Strategies and Contact Strategy Development


  1. 富有创意精神,并能和团队成员一起创造出优秀的互动广告创意。
  2. 对构图、色彩、图像、字体等有出色的理解。
  3. 对Flash的应用和性能有深入的了解(懂After Effects更好)。
  4. 对各种网络广告设计规格和媒体需求有经验。
  5. 对用户的互动体验有很好的理解。
  6. 具有网络广告和网站设计经验,能出色把握图形、动画、界面、色彩、字体,维系品牌风格。
  7. 善于团队协作,能承受一定工作压力。


PR senior specialist / consultant


  1. Day-to-day superior client management (either single client or multiple); Timely delivery of client account management work as approved by your manager.
  2. Manages client budgets and handles financial administration for the team.
  3. Support of new business as requested by team leader or manager.
  4. Delivery of one non-financial target and media relations goal that supports the team’s development.
  5. Clearly demonstrates Ogilvy values.


  1. Drafts sound, credible documents such as client memos, news releases, case histories, byliners, backgrounders, op-ed pieces, brochures and collateral materials.
  2. Implements events such as pre ss conferences, media briefings, analyst meetings, media tours third-party advocacy, etc.
  3. Demonstrates competence at using internal and external research capabilities and in preparing in-depth analyses.
  4. Has sound working knowledge of graphics, production and printing, video and broadcast, IT and emerging media.
  5. Contributes to presentations using internal or external resources.
  6. Exemplifies solid teamwork capabilities while beginning to build supervisory skills.
  7. Begins to build and apply specialized expertise in particular subject or functional areas.
  8. Executes media and advocacy relations activities and has working knowledge of media advocates and their needs.


OgilvyAction 奥美行动

Account manager- BTL 客户经理-线下活动


  1. 3年以上广告公司线下活动工作经验,服务过国际快销类客户;
  2. 了解客户的品牌及相关市场状况
  3. 能独立面对客户,并独立处理作业中的问题,及时与主管沟通;
  4. 监控并保证工作项目的时间进度; 监督并保证内部流程的顺利展开
  5. 热诚与客户沟通,及时就客户的工作提出建设性意见;
  6. 有较强的人际交流能力和良好的团队合作精神,能承担较大的工作压力;
  7. 本科及以上学历;
  8. 中英文听、说、读、写流利。

Art Director-BTL 线下   美术指导(3~5年经验)



  1. 富有创意精神,并能和团队成员一起创造出优秀的平面广告创意。
  2. 对构图、色彩、图像、字体等有出色的理解。
  3. 对Flash的应用和性能有深入的了解(懂After Effects更好)。
  4. 具有线下广告和产品包装设计经验,能出色把握图形、动画、界面、色彩、字体,维系品牌风格。
  5. 善于团队协作,能承受一定工作压力。

Redworks 红坊

Redworks 奥美红坊

project manager


  1. Plan and manage delivery of Interactive projects, on scope, time, cost and quality
  2. Translate project objectives and strategy into a project plan
  3. Write quotations, timelines, SOWs, project QA plans
  4. Track ongoing project status, and provide status reports
  5. Ensure effective communication for all team members
  6. Establish priorities among project activities where necessary
  7. Pro-actively identify and solve problems or potential problems
  8. Brief and manage any outside vendors necessary to successfully complete the project
  9. Ensure proper project close-out
  10. Provide feedback on team members’ performance to their managers, if appropriate


  1. Minimum of two years’ experience as a Project Manager
  2. Understanding of basic Project Management skills, balancing time, budget and scope
  3. Good knowledge of MS Project
  4. Successful track record across a broad range of Interactive project types
  5. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  6. Team player – enjoys working within a multi-disciplinary project team
  7. Results-focused and willing to challenge obstacles
  8. Pro-active problem solving ability
  9. Generalist’s understanding of different Interactive skill areas, including but not limited to hosting parameters, front-end and backend coding, multimedia production, sound/video editing, etc.
  10. Basic understanding of PMBOK knowledge areas


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