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We are looking for world-class talents to fill up the following positions:

项目总监/项目经理  Project Director/Project Manager (上海)

  • an organizer: assess, establish, and manage digital project scope, timing, and work effort through the project life cycle
  • 一位组织者:在项目周期内,评估、规划和管理数字营销项目的工作范围、时间安排和工作投入。
  • a time keeper: ensure all the deliverables of digital projects come together on time and meet stakeholder expectations
  • 一位时间管理者:确保项目的各项内容按时完成并按质交付,符合所有相关人员的预期。
  • a coordinator: coordinate the efforts of account service, creative team, media team, development team and third party etc.
  • 一位协调者:协调客户服务、创意、媒体、开发和第三方团队之间的工作。
  • a communicator: ensure effective communications among project teams. Develop strong and trusting relationships amongst cross-functional team members
  • 一位沟通者:确保项目团队和成员之间的顺畅沟通,建立彼此间相互信任的密切合作关系。

Account Managers and Directors and any level in between (Shanghai,Beijing)

  • You know what is required for this job but to truly represent who we are, you should be:
  • 你一定知道这份工作的基本要求,但一位真正代表博斐的客户服务人才应该是:
  • a challenger:   always questioning the status quo and wants to do a better job
  • 一位挑战者:永远不满足于现状,总认为工作可以做得更好。
  • a thinker: curious about everything and likes to get to the bottom of things
  • 一位思想家:对一切充满好奇,永远追根究底。
  • a fighter: not afraid of any challenge and performs under pressure
  • 一位战士:不惧挑战,压力之下更有出色表现。
  • a sunshine: always positive, always smile, no matter how hard the situation gets
  • 一道阳光:面对工作,永远积极正面,永远保持微笑。
  • a leader: always takes the initiative.  Think ahead of your boss and your client
  • 一位领导者:不坐等指示,想在客户前面,想在老板前面。

Search Manager / Search Executive (Shanghai)

  • 与客户沟通,挖掘客户需求,利用各类搜索引擎相关产品资源优化组合,为大客户提供搜索引擎营销解决方案;
  • 分析解读营销数据,策划制定搜索引擎关键字推广方案与策略;
  • 发掘并使用相关工具有效管理客户搜索推广账户。


  • SEM领域至少2年的工作经验;
  • 本科以上学历,广告学、市场营销、统计学、工商管理类相关专业优先;
  • 独立承担过SEM的项目,如果带领过项目,更佳;
  • 对于SEM的策略有深入的了解
  • 了解Google 关键词投放。对Google AdWords、Google AdSense,以及其他离线的Google CPC投放工具有很深度了解;
  • 对Baidu关键词广告投放及相关工具有很深度了解;
  • 非常熟练的运用Excel和Powerpoint,尤其是PPT
  • 熟悉Webtrends/Omniture/Google Analytics/DoubleClick DART Search 或其它SEM分析和竞价管理工具;
  • 善于独立分析问题的重点,善于理解,好的表达能力;
  • 英语能力佳,CET6级或以上,能用流利的口语沟通。

Senior Designer(Interactive) / Art Director(Interactive) (Shanghai)
资深互动设计师 或 互动美术指导 (上海)


  • 你热爱互动广告这个行业?
  • 你觉得没有创意的作品无法忍受?
  • 你有过硬的手上功夫,想得到,也能很好的用画面表现出来?
  • 你渴望学习和提高,并得到充分的尊重和信任?
  • 你在乎良好的工作环境,有能力而和善的同事?
  • 你有2-3年 以上互动工作经验?
  • 你的英文日常沟通没有问题?


If you are:

  • Creative thinking
  • Always have passion to become better, “just so so” is not your style
  • Great skills
  • Good at PS & Illustration, can do great key visual which speak the concept out immediately and impressively
  • Interactive mind
  • Good at telling fascinating stories through your interactive designs rather than static images
  • Professional
  • Good attitude towards works
  • High efficiency, save yours and our time
  • Have basic knowledge regarding Flash, HTML, CSS, SEO
  • Self-developing
  • Love digital, have insights in China, learning actively
  • Easy-going
  • Good at English and communication, kind and honest

互动Copywriter文案 (上海)

好的文案,  善于洞察客户和目标用户的心理需求;
好的文案,   网络Campaign全套文案引人入胜,也能玩转微博140字内大显身手;
好的文案,文字创新易懂,  直指人心,可细腻体贴,可潮酷十足…
好的文案,  既能发散思维,也能逻辑思考;会玩, 易沟通;正直, 善学习;负责,有效率; 有团队精神;
好的文案, 中英文同样驾驭自如;
如果你是我们心目中的好文案, 请立即发简历来, 我们虚席以待!

职责: 与创意, 微博团队和客户部门紧密合作, 完成优秀作品。

Social Media Specialist/Manager (Shanghai)
社交网络营销专家/经理 (上海)

  • an internet junkie:   send more Weibo than SMS, watch more online video than TV
  • 一枚网络控:发得微博比短信多,看的视频比电视多。
  • a T-shape person: wide range of interest but has in-depth knowledge in specific area
  • 一枚T型人:涉猎广泛,但有专攻。
  • a cool hunter: sensitive to new trends, a “go-to” person for the latest and coolest
  • 一枚猎“酷”人: 对潮流趋势十分敏感,最新最酷资讯全收罗。
  • More than 3 years experience in social media
  • 三年社交媒体摸爬,多平台互动滚打。
  • play around with various new media including Weibo, SNS and so on
  • 各种微博,各种SNS,新潮社交网络都有你的身影。
  • Expert in activity planning, content strategy and more.
  • 活动策划,内容策略,样样精通。

Digital Planner (Shanghai)


  • Develop digital strategy for new business pitching and exist client new proposal.
  • Define user experience and user flow for website and application
  • Design mechanism and user flow for campaigns
  • Plan content and recruitment campaigns for social media
  • More than 3 years experience in digital marketing. Good common sense and judgment. Curious about technology and people. Most importantly, positive and able to smile through the pain.

请将简历发送至: 请在邮件标题中注明投递职位, 并请务必告知招聘信息来自DamnDigital,如需了解更多信息请访问我们的网站


Started 13 years ago in London, Profero is one of the largest independent digital agencies in the world. We have over 600 talents across the globe in cities like New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, London, Beijing, Shanghai and we’re still growing.
1998年在伦敦成立至今,Profero博斐已经成为全球最大的独立互动营销公司之一。现在,我们在全球已拥有600多位精英人才,遍布纽约、悉尼、东京、首尔、新加坡、伦敦 、北京和上海等国际都市,并仍在持续扩大中!
With a combination of art & science, we create ideas that people want to belong to. Open your eyes, your mind and your portfolio to our distinguished client list that includes some top technology, retail, travel and FMCG companies in the world, such as Unilever, Diageo, Lufthansa, Media Markt and more.
You’ll also have opportunities to work with many world-class marketing strategists, artists and technologists from all over the world, to truly bring out your potential and make a difference, for ourselves, or our brand and for people.

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