Interone上海 找创意、互动人才


  • 为品牌、产品提供整合性策略及创意服务;
  • 跨媒体、多渠道的创意推广;
  • 为客户提供整合营销顾问服务;
  • 电子商务策略及执行。

Interone is an international advertising agency (BBDO Worldwide Group) developing highly creative communication solutions for the Chinese market. Interone stands for creative communication on an international level for local and international brands in China, our current clients include BMW, MINI, Bosch, Canon, Hilton etc.

Through-the-line (ATL, BTL, Internet, Mobile, CRM etc.) service portfolio of Interone includes:

  • Integrated brand and product communication strategy and creative concepts;
  • Cross-media and multi-channel creative services;
  • Integrated marketing communication consultancy;
  • Digital business solution strategy and execution.


Digital Account Executive

Job Description

  • Serves as day-to-day liaison with clients to ensure successful and timely completion of projects ranging from product launches to print, radio, television and any other medium.
  • Organizing meetings, with the necessary agendas and information.
  • Developing and maintaining an up-to-date record of all material published by the account group, including all financial, planning, research and creative work
  • Assist in the briefing process and provide the Creative Department with all the necessary information and stimulus for them to deliver against the agreed brief.
  • Manage the accuracy and timeliness of estimates and invoices, ensuring all approvals are sought before work begins

Job Requirement

  • Experience in international advertising agencies preferred.
  • Retail marketing experience will be a plus.
  • Mandarin and Fluent written and spoken English
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Work under pressure
  • University degree, prefer business/marketing/advertising/communication background;

Digital Senior Account Manager 


The candidate should be key player in team and will work within the account service team on online (mainly) and offline advertising communications for a foreigner car lubricant brand. The ideal candidate would work very closely with our client in both a digital promotional planning and multi-language (Chinese & English) project execution, over time he/she would provide marketing thought leadership and demonstrate passion and a deep knowledge of production management.


  • Passionate about all forms of communications and willing to learn
  • Savvy about cutting edge communication solutions for our client
  • Creative, innovative and curious
  • Comfortable working as an individual and also being part of a broader team of communication experts
  • An ability to convey ideas, thoughts and concepts in a confident, articulate and engaging manner to both clients and peers
  • Understanding and assimilation of related client-based strategic frameworks Highly responsible person with quick responding and action taking attitude


The candidate does not necessarily need direct knowledge relating to the product of the brand, although experience or time served in the development and execution of strategic communications is essential (5+ years). Working experience relating to car advertising is a plus.


  • Account/ Brand in creative agency
  • Business consultancy

Other Relevant skills

  • High level of English skills (probably lived or studied abroad)
  • University graduate

Strategic Planner / Senior Strategy Planner

Reporting to: Planning Director


  • Castrol Magnatec Global – digital marketing
  • BOSCH home appliance – integrated marketing
  • New business

Job Description

We look for a strategic planner at a mid-senior level with a minimum of 5 years work experience in a multinational advertising agency.

Responsibilities of this job will include implementing strategies that will raise the standard level of agency work across the client brand. The candidate will be expected to be able to write briefs, brief in the requirements properly to the creative team and liaise with the account service team to ensure that the client’s business targets will be achieved.

Below is a detailed job description of what the agency is looking for:

  • Establish good working relationship with clients. Responsibility for day to day management of all research relating to the business, brand and advertising.
  • Proactively suggest new means of developing and understanding the brand
  • Ability to clearly articulate a strategic vision in a confident and persuasive manner to clients and teams
  • Analyzing existing data in areas such as demographics, socio-economics and the market for the client’s product
  • Commissioning research as required to inform the strategy using both qualitative methods
  • Monitoring cultural and social trends, and their impact on consumers’ attitudes, behavior and perceptions
  • Reconciling the differences between consumers’ current perception of the brand and the way in which the client wishes the brand to be perceived
  • Meeting clients to learn the background to the brand
  • Providing the creative team with a clearly defined brief that contains concise information on the product, audience and strategy
  • Preparing and presenting full communication strategies in a coherent and in-depth manner to positively impact the thinking of all parties involved in the communication activities.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing/Advertising/Business Administration/Communication/Science or related.
  • 5+ years’ experience in agency planning, senior account management, strategic planning or related communications experience.
  • Experience working with account management and creative teams; a strong believer in teamwork and collaboration.
  • Experience in articulating presentation materials in a visually effective manner and capable of presenting them logically. Strong Powerpoint skills.
  • Capable in brand/market share data analysis with experience of developing insights into effective campaign strategy.
  • Ability to handle complex digital projects self-responsibly, pay attention to detail;
  • Understanding of through-the-line marketing channels, including TVC, print ad,  radio, retail, internet, mobile marketing, social media or other channels and with proven experience;
  • Outstanding English skills both written and oral.
  • Good communication, presentation and interpersonal skills;
  • Experience with international clients.
  • Auto related experience preferred.

互动设计师 Digital Screen Designer (or junior art director)

我们正在寻找你!WE WANT YOU!

A Screen Designer, who loves to take the challenge and work on premium international brands!
You may have gotten tired of Flash animations in banners and click around on horribly designed websites. Now you have a way to make the web better – join us!

  • 你喜爱设计工作和互动世界吗?若真如此,那可真棒,你还应该善于设计一些具体的元素让网页看起来更酷。你将与美术指导一起设计网站、策划互动活动还有参与汽车的互动展示。当然,如果你很擅长创意,也有机会参与到产品网站和社交网络活动的头脑风暴中。
    Do you love design and the digital world? Great. Then you should be quite motivated to craft detailed design elements and make the web shine. You will work with an Art Director on websites and interactive advertising and get your hands onto digital car showrooms. However, if you’re good at finding ideas, you will also get the chance to join brainstormings about product websites and social network campaigns.
  • 我们希望你有6-12个月使用PS的经验,如果了解Illustrator和Flash更好。
    We would like you to have 6-12 months experience of using Photoshop, and a plus were if you know a little of Illustrator and Flash already.
  • 当然为了能与不同国籍的同事分享更多乐趣,你的英语应该不止“say hi”这么简单。(如果能看懂上面这段英文,相信你的英文应该也不错)。
    To enjoy the fun of working with our multi-national colleagues, it would certainly help if your English vocabulary were bigger than just saying “hi”. (Of course, if you can read all this, you should be well equipped)

Does this sound like we could be looking for you and do you happen to be interested? Then don’t hesitate and send us your CV & portfolio today to find out if you and Interone Beijing make a good match!
If you feel that some of the requirements are something you don’t yet know, but would love to do: please also contact us. We have a thing for people who are eager to learn as that is exactly what we do every day as well!

Account Executive  (ATL/BTL)-客户主任


  1. 大学或以上学历;
  2. 优秀的英语听说写;
  3. 广告、传媒、市场营销专业毕业优先考虑
  4. 1年以上在4A实习或者工作均可
  5. 传统广告base,最好也懂一点digital广告的;或者digital广告base,但是愿意尝试传统广告的也可以。

Account Manager/Sr Account Manager (ATL/BTL)

Job Description

  • Facilitates and oversees creative and production processes – in particular, the information flow to creatives from clients/other departments which make for superior creative product.
  • Ensures that production quality standards are met for all the client’s creative needs.
  • Attends video shoots and some print shoots/radio recording sessions, as necessary and appropriate.
  • Oversees production and media budgets and directs activity so that agency stays within budget allotted by Client.
  • People/Performance Management for the staff under her/him.

Job Requirement

  • 3 years or above experience in international advertising agencies
  • Automotive brand experience will be a plus.
  • Mandarin and Fluent written and spoken English
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Work under pressure
  • University degree, prefer business/marketing/advertising/communication background;

初级设计师/设计师(传统ATL广告创意部)Junior Designers / Designers (ATL/BTL)

亲爱的设计师们,我们正在寻找这样的你:Designers & Junior Designers out there, we are looking for you!

  • 你知道什么是好点子,并热衷于创造好点子;不仅让它在脑袋中打转,更能借手绘、涂鸦或Photoshop给它生命;
    You understand and love good ideas, and even more you love to bring them alive through mind-blowing visuals – be it hand-drawn, scribbles or amazing Photoshop mock-ups. We welcome all your talents and encourage you to show & use them.
  • 你能摆得平印刷难题,设计大作一摆,就能让所有人忘乎所以地读完上面所有文字;
    You know how to handle Typography beyond the usual sameness, and your layouts make people want to read all of the copy just because of its looks.
  • 你不仅了解平面设计,更对网络广告颇感兴趣(毕竟你每天长混网上!)
    You know a thing or two about Print Design; and you have some interest in Web Design, too. The Internet is your daily playground after all.
  • 你进得了大项目,跟团队并肩奋斗;撑得起小项目,有独立自由的思考和创意能力。
    You are a team player who can work in a family-like atmosphere on big clients, but you are as well a free thinking, inspired individual who looks forward to handling smaller projects on your own.
  • 而一些基本技能,也是必需的。比如熟练掌握Adobe CS3(或以上版本),以及用英语进行基本交流。
    > Mandatories: knowledge of Adobe CS Applications (CS3 level at least) and basic English skills. Of course any other talents e.g. scribbling, painting, editing, filming, singing are welcome, too, but not necessary. A bit of humor and a sunny personality doesn’t hurt either.

中文文案(线上/线下)Copywriter Chinese (ATL/BTL)




Copywriter with love for language and an adventurous mind, who knows no limits when it comes to playing with words – eager to learn, to write & move forward. You bring 3-5 years of experience;

  • 你了解不同品牌的不同语言调性要求。
    You understand the different needs for different brands in terms of language & tonality;
  • 你喜欢尝试不同的撰文风格,从中吸收更多经验。
    You like to practice different kinds of writing styles and want get even more experienced doing that;
  • 你能与团队精诚合作,按创意简报要求工作。
    You can work with a team and follow your superiors’ briefings;
  • 你既能服从规范,又能在有机会时体现出独立创见。
    You are open for guidance, yet you enjoy working independently whenever you get the opportunity;
  • 你的英语足够我们内部沟通。
    You have ok-to-good English skills for internal communicating.

资深中文文案(线上/线下) Senior Copywriter Chinese (ATL/BTL)



A Senior copywriter with love for language and an adventurous mind, who knows no limits when it comes to playing with words.
You bring at least 5 years of experience;

  • 你能快速按不同品牌调整你的文字调性和写作风格——不论是豪华车,还是一台冰箱。
    You can quickly change tonality and writing style to a variety of brands – from luxury cars to refrigerators;
  • 你能为视觉增添文字的魔力。
    You give words the power of a visual;
  • You think of the idea as the big centerpiece, not only in classic advertising;
  • 你自视为“跨界创意人”,因为你的创意已超越媒介形式的局限。
    You see yourself as a “cross discipline creative” – because your creative talent can grow in any media channel;
  • 你既能融于团队,又能壮大团队。
    You can melt into the team and enlarge the strength of a team;
  • 你的英语足够我们内部沟通。
    You have ok-to-good English skills for communicating internally.


  • At least 5 years of experience 5年经验以上
  • Conceptual skills 概念思考能力
  • Experience in leading junior Creative 有指导初级文案经验
  • Ok-to-good English skills 基本英语沟通能力

互动美术指导/互动资深美术指导(线上线下) Digital Art Director / Sr digital Art Director


  • Design-based art director
  • Web/digital experience preferable
  • Minimum 3 years experience in advertising communications or design industry
  • Portfolios can show both client work and personal creative projects (if available)
  • Skills required: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, PowerPoint.

以上职位工作地点均为上海收简历的地址如下:jobs@bbdo.cn并注明来自DAMNDIGITAL”, 谢谢。

[Department] – [Job title] – [Name] – [Source]
e.g. [Online Creation] – [Sen. Art director] – [Mr. Zhang San] – []

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