Razorfish HK: 立顿奶茶 抱下啦,朋友!

URL: http://www.lipton.hk/

立顿奶茶通过其最新在香港推广的’抱下啦, 朋友!’活动确保向消费者传递’好feel的感觉’。


立顿团队的工作人员解释说, 香港人的性格非常坚韧和独立。然而, 该小组成员表示:“即使他们热爱自己的独立性, 他们有时仍喜欢有被照顾的感觉。”

立顿奶茶的’抱下啦’活动以数码为主配合一些线上和线下的推广活动。该项目分为三各部分: 体验视频, 在线游戏以及一套指导如何在不同场合用合适的方式拥抱的诙谐幽默的指南。该活动的预热电视广告描述了一名护士买不到她最喜欢的歌手演唱会门票, 傷心绝望的哭。人们可以在立顿网站网站上看到接下来发生的事情。


Lipton Milk Tea is guaranteeing consumers a ‘feel good’ experience courtesy of its latest ‘Hug’ campaign in Hong Kong.
This Unilever tea brand has continued to connect with consumers on a more intimate level since the beginning of this year. Every sip of the drink is meant to ‘feels like a hug’.
The Lipton team explains that Hong Kong people are tough and independent. People race against time and pursue their careers, leaving little opportunity for enjoyment. However, the team says: “Even though they love their independence, they still like to feel they are being taken care of sometimes.”
The Lipton Milk Tea ‘Hug’ campaign is digital-focused with the support of both above and below-the-line promotions. The project is separated into three components: experiential videos, online gaming and quirky guidelines to give a proper hug in different situations. People can learn to vocalise their need for a hug in the event of three emotions – being sad, frightened or excited. In the teaser TVC, a nurse despairs after failing to get a spot at the concert of her favourite singer. People can see what happens next at the Lipton website.
Lipton has partnered with popular local actors Cho Lam Wong and Bosco Wong, who are known for their comic talents. Players who achieve the highest score in the interactive game will get a chance to hug Cho Lam and Bosco.
The site also has a presence on Facebook and YouTube. An iPhone game has additionally been developed to engage users on the go. The campaign will run until 13 May.
The campaign idea of ‘hugging’ is seperately developed by DDB Hong Kong.

Project: Lipton Milk Tea Hug Campaign
Advertiser: Unilever Hong Kong Limited 联合利华 香港
Brand: Lipton 立顿奶茶
Digital Agency: Razorfish
Media Agencies: Mindshare Digital(online), PHD (offline)

Creative Director: Endy Fung, Jerry Chu
Art Director: Menu Tsai
CopyWriter: Ray Chan
Agency Producers: Grace Ho, Janet Lee, Kitty Kok
Exposure: Online, Television, Print, Outdoor, Mobile, In-Store, Events

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