Nurun, a subsidiary of Canada’s largest media company Quebecor Media Inc, is a global network of digital experts dedicated to helping brands reconnect with consumers through digital technology and interactive media. Nurun uses a discipline in design thinking to uncover new insights, identify changing consumer behavior and invent solutions that help brands strengthen consumer relationships and fit into everyday life.
Nurun China is headquartered in Shanghai, managed by Florence Garcon, has reached a team of 100 people. For more information, please visit
加拿大传媒巨人魁北克传媒集团子公司Nurun Inc.,是一家运用最新技术为互动项目制定策略、执行开发并衡量执行效果的全球性公司。从扩大品牌影响力到获得消费者,Nurun在互动营销以及电子商务领域的专业经验,使得电子商务交易的同时提升客户关系价值成为可能。
Nurun中国总部位于上海,是Nurun全球集团的一部分,作为中国领先的互动营销代理公司之一,公司在中国市场超过10年的历史, 现有100多名员工。 欲了解更多关于Nurun的信息,请登录

Design Thinking Senior Strategic Planner

Position Summary

The Design Thinking Strategic Planner for Digital actively participates in key pitches to Nurun’s main clients in order to support digital innovation as well as our positioning. This position offers a unique opportunity to assist a portfolio of major brands, such as Pernod Ricard China, Martell, Danone,  L’Oréal Paris and L’Oreal Luxury Division in their digital revolution. The Design Thinking Strategic Planner also works in collaboration with the Nurun Lab based in Montreal, an interdisciplinary team that thinks about the future applications of digital technology.

Take an active role in digital innovation by joining Nurun!

Roles and responsibilities

  • Participate in innovation geared pitches with key international clients in Asia
  • Elaborate innovative and creative digital strategies that produce results
  • Provide actionable strategic recommendations for new and existing accounts based on a combination of research, creative and critical thinking
  • Observe, understand and analyse users (behaviours,needs, motivations and goals) – as well as the new digital trends andtechnologies that appear on the market
  • Understand trends in consumer behaviour relevant to all aspects of our client’s business and identify areas of opportunity
  • Contribute creatively in generating ideas, and participate in, or facilitate brainstorm sessions to think up strategies and develop innovative digital tools and solutions
  • Express the vision clearly and translate these ideas into digital strategies
  • Participate or lead brainstorming sessions to uncover insights, to reframe clients initial briefs into real consumer needs, to develop points of view and generate useful digital ideas
  • Effectuate a market watch, analyse innovations andinitiatives of the competition
  • Assume a leadership in terms of strategic thinking within client teams

Interactive Art Director (互动美术指导)

The Art Director usually works on one account at a time and is responsible for the preparation of concepts and production.

  • 互动/数字网络营销相关工作经验
  • 在CD/ACD的指导下对项目的美术设计和效果负责
  • 与客户部门和创意部门团队协作,准确把握客户的需求

Junior Copywriter(文案)

  • Ÿ  互动/数字网络营销相关工作经验
  • Ÿ  Fashion/Lifestyle/Luxury 行业相关经验
  • Ÿ  良好的沟通能力
  • Ÿ  英文流利者优先考虑

Web Designer

  • 设计相关专业毕业生
  • 互动营销行业有1-2年的图形设计工作经验
  • 熟练Flash技术
  • 英文流利者优先考虑

Senior Account Manager (高级客户经理)

  • ŸGather information on the customers’ annual business plan, marketing plan, work plan etc. at the beginning of the year in order to establish proposed work plan and value-proposition
  • Write proposal – scope of work; Write briefs
  • Lead and work with the production team to develop formal proposal to secure contracts for recurring works and new opportunities
  • Establish master plan to identify timeline and resource requirements for all secured contracts
  • Supervise account executive and production team project completion (budget, deadlines, human and technical resources)
  • Participate in the evaluation of project feasibility
  • Ensure coordination between the client and the internal project team
  • Participate in specs and client requirements definition
  • ŸEnsure internal communication with the production team
  • Prepare and present presentations to clients
  • Participate in site architecture development
  • Ÿ5+ yrs. relevant experience within an digital agency

Business Director (业务总监)

  • 8-10+ yrs. relevant experience within an agency account management environment
  • Extremely well versed in interactive marketing and related disciplines
  • Successful track record of leading/growing ROI-driven accounts
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills, with seasoned presentation skills at the highest client levels
  • Team player and team leader who is results-oriented, proactive and has a strong work ethic
  • High level of maturity and judgment to represent the agency and client in a polished, intelligent manner
  • Strong analytical skills with proven ability to integrate analytics into successful marketing actions
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with the proven ability to motivate staff, peers and clients
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications (i.e. Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Fluency in Chinese (Mandarin) is an asset.
  • Work experience in China is an asset.
  • Experience with consumer good brands is an asset.

Digital Planner

  • Develop strategic digital plan for the clients
  • Management and coordination of media and social media planning
  • Relevant experience within an media buying agency or digital agency
  • Well versed in interactive marketing and related disciplines

Community Executive

  • Work with partners to develop and manage on-line community
  • Work closely with media and social media team
  • Effectively enrich the content of client’s community
  • Thoroughly update regular status reports and analyze internet/web site requests
  • Create and execute online community management strategies

Project Manager (项目经理)

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience as a Project Manager managing major software or interactive web development initiatives
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience managing budgets of $2-5 million
  • Post-secondary education in business or technical field
  • Strong technical and business aptitude
  • Persistent attention to detail, while maintaining overall understanding of projects
  • Demonstrated experience managing multiple simultaneous projects involving cross-functional product teams within budgetary and schedule constraints
  • Demonstrated experience managing external and internal clients
  • Knowledge of Project Management principles, methods and techniques
  • Knowledge of software/internet development lifecycle
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Intermediate to advanced skills in Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, Visio
  • Self-motivated and able to work with limited supervision
  • Strong teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills


  • Work with Project Manager to ensure timely delivery and execution of completed e-commerce site builds
  • Provide technical guidance and mentorship to junior and intermediate Developers
  • Minimum 3 years’ software development experience with PHP, and Object-oriented programming
  • Experienced in MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB/SQLite database programming and optimizations
  • Experienced in Web Services, SOAP
  • Experienced in cache system


向项目经理汇报工作,参与客户项目的前端界面开发。如果你拥有以下技能,将会是我们最理想的人选:能够熟练掌握Web制作标准,CSS-driven/tableless HTML layouts, DHTML (JavaScript 1.0-1.5, CSS1 & CSS2, DOM Levels 0-2), HTTP (get/post, headers), 了解跨浏览器的兼容性和浏览向下兼容策略优化技术,面向对象设计,单元测试, ,排错技术,动态内容获取,状态管理,可移动设备技术,国际化事务,版本管理。


  1. 参与新项目、新网站,与设计师和后端开发工程师一起实现网站的界面开发。
  2. 设计开发各种模板和其他相关接口技术规范/说明书,接口架构
  3. 协助开发团队和技术团队
  4. 网站维护(修改、调试、优化)。
  5. 质量检测


  1. 拥有3年以上网站前端开发工作经验
  2. 能够熟练运用HTML, DHTML, Javascript, XSLT 和 AJAX等技术
  3. 能够熟练应用Adobe Photoshp进行图片编辑
  4. 有互联网站相关经验与知识例如SEO,Web Analytic等。
  5. 中英文熟练,拥有良好的书面语与口头的沟通技巧
  6. 具有良好的团队工作精神,而且很好地主动规划自己的工作
  7. 能够很好地面对压力,在紧迫的截止期内完成工作指标


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