W+K Global Charity Show


W+K = Make
经过波特兰办公室Digital团队, Studio以及艺术展委员会的艰苦奋斗, W+K艺术作品公益展现已震撼上线。
所有义卖收益都将捐赠给慈善文化机构Room to Read。
展览入口, 在这里。
同时W+K波特兰办公室将举办线下艺术展, 所有作品都来自全球W+K人。

W+K = Make
After much ado and a lot of hard work from Portland’s digital team, studio and art show committee, the W+K art show is up for viewing and purchasing. All proceeds go to room to read who are awesome!
View the site now here.
The show, which is also happening physically in the offices of W+K Portland, is composed of artworks made by W+K folks all over the world.


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