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太意数码科技 TAG tdi


上司: 创意总监
共事: 数码业务,项目管理, 程式开发, 设计与制作单位, 创意制作人,

任务, 目的与价值

Tag 对每个品牌面临的营销问题是了解透彻的 – 既是营销投资面对多种媒体同时传递品牌信息与维护品牌识别能即见其效的需求。Tag 信誉是在提供客户一个完整的根基, 整合工作流程与线上解决法案来达到这个目的。

Tag 的优势在于人与丰富的产业经验带来的商机。Tag 独特的工作流程,业务服务与营销资源管理软体, 正是因为我们有专业的团队洞悉创意作品的流程, 预见客户在品牌营销管理部门所面对的难题。


创造力:  我们具备最新科技的技术与远景
可靠:  我们保证服务可靠以为我们具有完善的设备
信任:  我们有着开放式的管理, 我们不胡乱处理事情
亲和力:  我们以人为本的公司, 那是我们的力量


协助TDI 上海数位制作室管理每日事务与资源。借由实行公司制定的工作流程来协助各级主管与总监达成公司的业务目标,

• 确保数码制作单位流程与资源有效率的运行
• 针对公司内的资源有计划的善用
• 管理外发单位与外发费用
• 管理协调Tag 数位中心与其他单位的资源运用
• 数位业务单位与项目经理主要的制作负责人
• 借由适当的沟通协调进而管理项目经理们的交付目标, 并兼顾项目交付品质
• 在业务工作内不仅整合并开发以Tag标准达成卓越技术要求
• 能在第一时间内预见项目问题并且主动提出行动


• 管理项目经理们的期待值
• 教育设计与指导设计时的限制与限度
• 外发单位预算谈判
• 与内部部门内维持良好关系并超越期待值.
• 参加会议.
• 与项目经理们共事并管理期待值
• 协调项目总监与经理们确保你了解/预见相关资源需求
• 排解每日与业务单位,项目经理们与资源团队的困难

商务& 管理

• 与项目经理们开固定会议讨论部门内的工作进度(制作, 设计与开发团队)
• 与项目经理们取得相关的工作进度
• 维护财务进度报告包括资源运用记录与外发员工的时价与条款
• 立刻反馈时间运用与预算问题/议题
• 给于项目经理们/业务单位来临的资源运用问题, 例如: 假期, 协调未计划完善的资源, 人员请假与病假问题
• 针对现行工作流程提出增进效率建议与质疑
• 对新科技的知识时于并进


• 主动与总监们报告
• 开发维护外发单位与外发人员的关系来达成营销目标
• 维护与内部主要负责人的关系, 例如: 项目经理, 项目负责人, 开发人员, IT等
• 懂得外交手腕


• 管理假期与病假记录
• 确保员工有完善的工具与技术讯练完成工作任务
• 校对与维护进行中的项目品质(包括外发员工会操作公司系统)
• 确认所有的员工都有签署Tag的保密协议同意书并且给公司人事单位留存副本


• 对公司数位工作室的工作流程能持续有效率的加强与改进
• 赶得上最新的科技趋势信息



• 熟悉IT 文化与背景
• 解决问题者
• 擅长管理团队与人际关系
• 擅长人力资源管理与组织能力 [必须有能力表现锁定资源并善加利用并达到项目品质要求]
• 能够提供议题解决方法
• 沟通协调技巧
• 要求细节
• 能够多方管理并且可以有效率的完成工作
• 了解Tag CMD系统操作
• 整体理解Tag最佳工作范例并找到方法来与公司内部完成任务
• 有团队工作精神
• 具有与管理阶级沟通协调能力
• 具有数位制作流程与项目周期知识
• 对工作内容与客户业务保密


• 5年以上数位制作经历, 在数位广告公司或4A广告公司服务


• 计划与组织能力
• 建立关系
• 沟通协调
• 要求细节
• 决策能力 
• 工作认真
• 固执几见/挑战作事流程与方法
• 韧性,受压性高
• 自信
• 团队工作精神


REPORTS TO: Creative Director
WORKS WITH: Account Management, Project Management, Developers, Design & Production, Creative Producers, Delivery Managers

Tag is very aware of the challenges facing brands in their marketing activities – the need to deliver instant results and a return on marketing investment, whilst at the same time developing and retaining a strong brand identity and message across a diverse media. Tag’s reputation has been built on working closely with clients to provide an infrastructure, processes and online solutions to achieve these goals.

Tag’s main strength is its people and the wealth of industry experience they bring to the business.  Tag’s unique workflow processes, account team structure and marketing resource management software are all successful because they have been developed by people who understand the creative development process, the challenges that face a brand marketing department and the frustrations of marketers.
We jump at new challenges and always find the best solution by being proactive and persistent.

Inventive:  We have the skills to innovate and the vision to stay at the forefront of technology.
Reliable:  We have an infrastructure and level of services that guarantees reliability
Trustworthy:  We have an open transparent no nonsense approach to everything we do.
Approachable:  We value good people, and so do our clients, they are our strength.


Support TDI through the day-to-day management of the Shanghai Digital Studio and its resources.  To work with and support the Directors in the achievement of the Company’s business objectives, goals and targets through the correct adoption of the policies, procedures and working practices.

• To ensure the effective running and throughput of the digital design and production facility.
• Planning and scheduling digital production team ensuring the optimum use of all company resources.
• Planning and management of freelance resource requirements including financials.
• Planning and communication between key Tag digital Hubs to allow for efficient use of resource planning
• To be the ‘go to’ for Account and Project Management in the digital implementation supply chain.
• To manage the PMs delivery expectations and where appropriate negotiate additional time/resource to ensure the quality of the final project, ensuring sufficient QA resource allocation.
• To support the business to both work with, collaborate and develop technical excellence within Tag.
• To be pro-active and therefore anticipate and rectify resourcing issues before they become a problem


• Manage AM and PM expectations.
• Providing education in relation to design/construction ‘limitations and/or restrictions’.
• Ability to Negotiate supplier costs
• Develop & maintain a strong relationship across the department and consistently strive to exceed expectations.
• Attend any necessary meetings.
• Work in conjunction with the PM to manage client expectations.
• Liaise with Group Directors/Managers and Project Leads to ensure that you can predict/plan upcoming resource requirements.
• Trouble shoot day-to-day issues from AMs, PMs and Resource Team.

Commercial & Administration
• Conduct regular meetings with PMs to update on ongoing workload including department WIP’s (production, studio, design, development teams).
• Obtain relevant project status and WIP schedules from relevant PM.
• Maintain financial reports including records of resource allocation and time, including freelance rates and terms.
• Flag immediately any scheduling / budget issues
• Advise Project Leads/Account teams of impending resourcing issues such as holidays; communicate and deal with unplanned resource issues such as sickness/absence.
• Challenge current ways of working/processes to work more efficiently and effectively
• Keep abreast of digital technology advancements.

• Report feedback in a pro-active manner to Directors
• Develop and maintain strong relationships with external suppliers to achieve the marketing goal
• Maintain regular communications with key internal contacts, Project Leads, design, developers, IT etc
• Negotiate with diplomacy

• Manage Holiday and Sickness Cover and Records
• Ensure that staff have the appropriate tools and skills to perform the tasks requested of them
• Collate and maintain an ongoing pool of quality freelance resource (who are under NDA and have knowledge of our systems).
• Ensure all staff are covered by Tag’s NDA agreement and all copies sent to HR

• Continuous assessment of the Studio’s working practices in order to identify improvements and efficiencies within the operating processes.
• Keep up with and have knowledge of industry advancements.


Skills & Knowledge
• IT literate
• Problem solver
• Exceptional man-management skills (English fluency)
• Proven resource planning, organising and allocation skills [must be able to demonstrate the ability to allocate work to achieve the optimum quality/performance/delivery]
• Ability to provide solutions to issues
• Proven negotiation skills
• Keen eye for detail
• Ability to multi-task and deliver all effectively
• Understanding of Tag’s CMD and internal working processes
• Full knowledge of Tag’s Best Practice Process and look for ways of implementing with internal team
• Works as a strong team player
• Ability to communicate at all operational levels.
• Full knowledge of digital processes, project lifecycle and production methodologies.
• Display confidentiality at all times with regards to Tag and client business


• 5+ years experience in digital production environment in digital agencies or 4A agencies.

Core Competences

• Planning & organising
• Relationship building
• Communication
• Attention to detail
• Decision making  
• Conscientious
• Opinionated/challenging
• Tenacity
• Confidence
• Team-working

如有兴趣请将简历与作品寄到: acampbell@tagworldwide.com, 请务必让我们知道来自DamnDigital


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