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Leagas Delaney Shanghai

1. Title: Senior Creative CW (Senior Creative Copywriter) / Full-time

Location: Shanghai

Job Description:
In love with creative advertising that doesn’t just try to look like everybody else? Up for the ultimate challenge?

We’re now recruiting a Senior Copywriter with many years of experience for the advertising scene.
Besides being able to cut a smooth and catchy headline (in a few works in contrast to the book-long headlines that often seem to be the order of the day) you need to have a strong conceptual understanding and be able to both inspire and take lead in a concept developing creative tea. both when we serve clients and do pitches.
As such you will be a creative driver also outside the traditional copywriter job description.

We’re offering a position in a growing and super dynamic agency environment where mama-huhu and so-so work is not the order of the day. A chance to take part in developing the next generation of advertising in China grown out of the belief in strong creative ideas and concept rather than the  ”just do like the others” attitude.

Job details:
You will not just be considered a copywriter but a creative concept developer

1. The candidate must have a strong comprehension on how to develop creative concepts (copy based)
international and cutting-edged creative sense
know how on research for creative concept development
know how on drafting appropriate and comprehensive creative concept descriptions
2. International level advertising headlines writing skills a must
3. Capable of drafting basic advertorial (online content)
4. Good at cooperating with strategic planner and visual creative staff
5. Must be fluent in Chinese and be able to communicate in English (no need of English copy writing)
6. Appropriately guide junior copywriter’s and content developer’s work
7. Last but not the least, have strong believing and passion for the job and your profession.

1. 职位: 资深创意文案 (全职)

工作地点: 上海

对如何发展创意概念有一定的理解, 前瞻性的创意理解力。
熟练的广告语, 标题和软文撰写技巧
能与策略人员, 视觉创意人员紧密合作

2. Title: Web Editor/PR Specialist (Full-time)

Location: Shanghai

Leagas Delaney Shanghai are recruiting an experienced web editor with journalistic and PR service background.
The position is split between servicing an international client and function as Leagas Delaney Shanghai’s internal PR manager.

Tasks Web Editor:

– Translating/rewriting web content from English into Chinese including editing and angling the stories to fit the Chinese market.
– Identifying, developing and writing content for a series of web sites including most social media sites and blogs in China.
– Lead a junior Social Media Content Developer and ensure quality of junior staff’s contribution to the client’s 

Tasks PR Manager

– Developing media relations and network especially within advertising industry media channels (both print and online).
– Nurturing personal relations with journalists and writers especially within advertising industry media channels.
– Develop and nurture personal network with advertising professionals in Shanghai in order to keep track on latest developments in the advertising agency industry
– Develop and upload content on the agency company blog and web sites.

You are:

– A master of the story, knowing how to angle stories to make them relevant and appealing to the target audience.
– Native Chinese but able to read and speak English on a high level (although your work will mainly be done in Chinese you need to rely on source materials and background information in English).
– Experienced with developing web content as well as writing for traditional media/print.
– Well connected within media circles, having built a strong personal network of relations you can utilize when placing stories on behalf of the agency.
– Mature and self-driven, able to work independently without detailed directions from a boss. You must be able to focus on the big picture and achieve targets defined in cooperation with the agency management. You will not be micro managed but measured on your results.

We offer:

– A senior position in a fast growing and exciting new advertising agency setting new standards for the China advertising scene.
– A top professional but also fresh work environment with a open-minded attitude to cooperation and hierarchy. 
– A chance to develop a future PR and web content department around you as a natural leader.
– A casual and mixed (Europeans and Chinese) group of colleagues who not only work together but also strive to be both good team mates and friends.
– Opportunities to travel and work for the agencies offices in other countries as well as work on joint projects with colleagues in Europe on specific projects.
– Hard work – and fun!


We think you have more than 3 years of experience probably from a PR agency, news media or advertising agency but we’re open for alternative profiles as long as you are experienced on a senior level and have proven history delivering results in fields matching our needs.
We expect you to be able to deliver both work samples and personal references/recommendations. We will conduct a background check on all qualified candidates as you are welcome to check on us: www.leagasdelaney.cn/blog or http://www.leagasdelaney.com/

2. 职位: 网站编辑/公关专员 (全职)

工作地点: 上海

富有经验的网站编辑, 要求有公关或新闻方面的背景。这个职位将要服务于一家国际客户, 同时也是Leagas Delaney内部的公关专员。


作为网站编辑, 英文文章的翻译或者根据需要重新编写; 社交网站及博客内容的定位, 开发及编写; 指导并带领一名初级社交网站内容专员, 保证其质量。
作为公关专员, 拓展行业内的媒体渠道及网络, 加强与广告业写手, 记者以及上海的广告业专业人士的个人关系; 开发及更新公司网站及博客


对于英语有极高阅读及口语水平的中国人, 熟练运用中文, 从多个角度编写故事, 与媒体有广泛联系, 具有为传统媒体写稿的经验, 成熟并且自觉。
希望您具有3年以上公关公司, 媒体, 或广告公司工作经验, 如果您有其他类似的资深工作经验, 能够递交我们要求的工作, 我们也愿意考虑。


3. Title: Office Manager (Full-time)

Location: Shanghai

International advertising agency Leagas Delaney is hiring a Office Manager and HR head for the Shanghai office.
The position is a combination of Office Management and Human Resource work. As Office Manager (OM) you will handle the day to day admin of the office including inventory control, purchasing of stationary, monitoring cleaning and other office management staff and petty cash control.

HR wise you will be responsible recruiting and screening candidates plus handling day to day staff issues and ensure that the team follows basic agency code of conduct.

You need to be familiar with basic Chinese labor law and experienced in settling contracts etc. with staff members.
It’s a big plus if you have a personal network within advertising industry to help when we recruit future staff.

The Shanghai office is young but the company has a long history in other countries. While business is stable, every working day is special and unique. That’s why we need a strong, open-minded and proactive OM to support and problem solving.

This is NOT a job where you will be told everything you need to do. This is NOT the type of job where you will be told how to do your work and this is NOT the type of job where you will be controlled and checked all the time.

This IS the job for an independent problem solver. A person who understands her role and fix problems and issues BEFORE she’s told! To do so you will need long experience from a similar position. And you will need to be fluent in English and Chinese to do the job. If you are all these things you will find an open, exciting and really fun working environment with good colleagues and fun clients. Pls indicate expected salary level.

Your resume and work samples must be submitted in both Chinese and English including reference contact data.

Please send CV to: jacob.johansen@leagasdelaney.cn, kindly refer to this posting on DamnDigital.
请将申请资料包括证书、工作经验及期望薪金等Email至: jacob.johansen@leagasdelaney.cn, 请让我们知道该招聘信息来自互动中国.

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