[V]Marshmallow Laser Feast联手James Medcraft打造超级跑车不一样的视觉体验

这个由Marshmallow Laser FeastJames Medcraft合作制作的超级跑车视频带给你流光四射的视觉体验。视频应用了最新的“风洞数据控制下的长时间曝光”摄影技术,结合光绘和3D动画。光线以极快的速度通过银幕,生成一种叫做“电气化光流”的物质,借助空气中的尘埃形成超跑的轮廓,看上去让人惊叹不已。


Marshmallow Laser Feast James Medcraft


Concept, Design, Art direction and Technical Direction: MarshmallowLaserFeast in collaboration with James Medcraft
Software design and development: Raffael Ziegler
Sound design: Tom Halstead
Visual Effects – Moving Picture Company:
VFX Producer: Michael Stanish
Lead 3D: Duncan McWilliams
3D: Thomas Rowell
Production Company: The Found Collective
Producer: Holly Restieaux
Executive Producer: Peter Bowker
Client Liaison: Ben Risk
Motion Control: Ian Menzies and Nigel Permane at Mark Roberts Motion Control
Gaffer: James Smith-Pryor
Rigger: Jon Last
Runners: Spike Laurie, Rudy Vermorel, Charlie Barclay, Runyararo Mapfumo
Behind the Scenes Filming: Sandra Ciampone, Steve Glashier
Behind the Scenes Photography: Sandra Ciampone

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