Semir 森马

近日, 国内知名服饰品牌森马集团, 经过与AGENDA、AGENCY.COM、Razorfish以及DRAFTFCB之间的几番激烈比稿之后, 最终由DRAFTFCB赢得森马股份、森马品牌、巴拉巴拉童装品牌的网站创意设计与建设业务。

森马集团5年前曾由奥美为其打造森马品牌服饰网站, 此次DRAFTFCB赢得比稿之后, 将为其进行全新的网站策划、创意及执行。

DRAFTFCB互动营销组自2007年成立之后, 主要服务于上海通用旗下的别克、萨博等互动营销业务, 对于此前从未有过服装经验的DRAFTFCB互动营销组(中国) 来说, 本次与森马集团的合作, 意味着一个新的挑战和开始。

DRAFTFCB wins the websites creative and building business of all the brands in Semir Group

After several rounds of intense pitch among Agenda, Agency.com and Razorfish recently, DRAFTFCB won the websites creative and building of  Semir corporate , Semir brand, and Balabala  brand (Balabala  is a  brand of  children’s clothes) under  Semir Group, which is a famous fashion group in China.
Semir brand website was built up by Ogilvy 5 years ago.
With the winning of this new pitch, DRAFTFCB will take full charge of a brand-new planning, creative and execution for Semir Group websites.
Founded in year 2007, the interactive team in DRAFTFCB (named CID) has the key client of BUICK and SAAB in SGM for the online business.
The cooperation with Semir means a new challenge, as well as a good beginning as DRAFTFCB interactive team (China) has no experience of serving a fashion client before.


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