Havas Sports & Entertainment发布奥运赞助商盈利最新研究报告

Research released today by sponsorship experts Havas Sports & Entertainment (HS&E) reveals interest in the Games has risen significantly over the past three months, with a 20% increase in the UK public, rating their interest at ‘10 out of 10’.  Sponsors have played an important role in this trend with an average 76% jump in awareness across TOP Olympic sponsors and Tier One London 2012 sponsors as marketing campaigns have ramped-up.

The number of people rating their interest in the Games at 10 out of 10 remained level between March 2011 (when HS&E’s study began) and April 2012.  In the three month build-up to the Games there has been a 20% increase, with almost one person in four (23.6%) now stating their interest in the Games is at the maximum level possible.

Significantly for sponsors the positive enthusiasm for the Games is truly national with 53% of people living outside the capital agreeing with the statement “hosting the Olympic Games is a great thing for the country as a whole.”  This compares to a figure of 60% in London.

The study was commissioned by HS&E in March 2011 to identify the effects of Olympic Games’ sponsorship on sponsor brands, and to track interest in and attitudes towards the Games over a period of two and a half years.
Alastair Macdonald, Sponsorship Insights Director, HS&E, commented:

“Britain is a nation of sports lovers, as can be seen by how enthusiastically people were looking forward to the Games as early as March 2011 when over half of those surveyed rated their interest in the Games as at least 7 out of 10.  The build-up to the Games in the media and from sponsors over the past three months has helped raise the excitement to fever pitch.

“What’s really encouraging for the organisers, sponsors and the media is the whole nation feels involved, and proud that the Games are coming to our shores – this is being seen very much as Britain’s Games, not just for London.”

Lucien Boyer, President and Global CEO, HS&E, commented:

“We’ve seen from our global work with 10 London 2012 sponsors that at its best, Olympic sponsorship creates a virtuous cycle. The public is becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the Games as they approach, and the official sponsors are running more and more highly visible supporting activities.  Our study shows that these forces have combined to produce ever-growing levels of recognition for sponsor associations, and increasingly effective marketing investments.

“We look forward to presenting our study in detail at the HS&E House where leaders in the sports industry and the Olympic family will meet for a series of daily seminars between July 27th and August 12th.”

Open from July 27th until August 12th from 3:00-8:00 PM, the HS&E House is a thought-leadership platform welcoming leaders in the global sports community: brands, governing bodies, athletes, sports stakeholder, and journalists. The HS&E House will allow guests to network and debate with top experts, notably during the daily speakers program at 4:00 PM.

Speakers include representatives from The Coca-Cola Company, Lloyds TSB, AEG, Amaechi Performance Systems, The Times, Visa, Heineken, P&G, Sky Sports, the NBA, the NFL, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, EDF, the IPC, the World Food Programme, the London Legacy Development Corporation, Sochi 2014, LOCOG, current and former Olympians, NOCs, and many more.

The HS&E Olympics sponsorship study will be presented at the HS&E House on Monday, August 5th at 5PM by Lucien Boyer, President and Global CEO of HS&E, and Alastair MacDonald, Sponsorship Insights Director, HS&E


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