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G2 Studio 吉图

G2 Studio is looking to fill the following positions. 北京吉图现在招聘以下人才。

Art Director/美术指导

Art Director/Web Designer (flash, html):
The Art Director/Web Designer is responsible for conceptualize and design website. Creating the
layout in Photoshop / Illustrator, turning them into flash / html elements and work closely with the
developer on the creation of the whole website.
You must have solid experience with website / banners / CDROM / RIA design, html layout, flash
design / Animation and all web related knowledge…This is a full-time, in-house position for web
Designer. You have to understand well website usability constraint and cross browser
compatibility issues.
* Work on the design of new projects (flash / html based)

Required Qualification/Skills:
* Keep up to date with current and emerging relevant trends in the Online medium
* Creative thinking
* Strong understanding of website usability constraint and cross browser compatibility
* Passion for interactive design and a strong sense of style and art in general
* Good knowledge of English
* Able to collaborate across different departments (Design, production, tech)
* Create multiple interface design and layout solutions concurrently

Technical know how:
* Proficient in Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator.
* Good knowledge of HTML, CSS.

* Excellent Knowledge of Dreamweaver and templates design.
* Programming (AS, PHP…) and technical knowledge is a strong plus
* Knowledge of 3d software and skills with video editing software is a strong plus
* Strong organizational skills
* Detail oriented, good follow-through

Account Manager/客户经理

Main Responsibilities:
– Securing and Maintaining Client Relationships for new and existing clients
– Guiding clients through all steps of their experience with G2 Studio
– Acting as liaison between client and G2 Studio team
– Writing proposals and budgets

Experience and Skills needed:
– At least 3 years experience in PR/Advertising Agency as an Account Executive or Account Manager
– Experience in the creative industries mandatory
– Strong client liaison skills
– Strong contacts within PR and Advertising fields, as well as with corporations
– Experience managing several client account at the same time
– Fluent in English and Chinese
– Budget Management
– Good eye for and understanding of design and art
– Stays on top of trends in design, art and creative industries
– Proactive attitude

Flash Web Developer/Flash 开发员

网站开发(Flash AS2.0 / 3.0, Flex, PHP)
这个职位的功能是开发新的Actionscript 2.0 / 3.0 , Flex 和 PHP/数据库, 应用程序或者维护已有的程序。(这不是设计职位) 。主要工作之一是创立一个新的管理系统。

* 精通Actionscript 3.0
* 有Flex或者Communication server 经验者优先
* 熟悉 OOP PHP
* 熟悉 CSS
* 熟悉MySQL 数据库
* 熟悉网络/数据库(SQL queries, 动态 SQL, 存储程序等, etc)
* 极强的沟通能力
* 善于学习新的网络程序语言
* 积极上进, 解决问题能力强

* 作品样本或连接
* Actionscript 3.0 和 PHP code 样本

Web Designer/网站设计师

网站的设计师负责网站的概念设计。用Photoshop / Illustrator 进行设计, 转换成Flash / Html 为基础并协助开发者的
必须对Website / Banners / CDROM / RIA Design, Html Layout, Flash Design / Animation 有丰富的经验并通晓所有与
网站相关的知识。全职, 室内工作。精通网站使用交互式浏览器平台功能议题。
同时从事不同新项目的工作(以flash / html 为基础)

* 察看最新的网页设计相关内容和流行趋势
* 有创意
* 精通网站使用和交互式浏览器
* 对交互设计有兴趣并具备审美和艺术鉴赏能力
* 英语熟练
* 能与不同的部门(设计, 制作, 技术等) 进行合作
* 可以同时建立多路接口设计和设计解决方案

Graphic Designer/平面设计师


* 熟练Photoshop、Illustrator 等设计软件
* 熟练QuarkXpress、PageMaker、InDesign 等排版软件
* 熟练Mac 和PC 的系统
* 1年以上平面设计经验, 包括VI 设计、企业形象设计(宣传册、名片、LOGO、信纸等)
* 熟练印刷与包装标准和交流
* 有强烈的创意和艺术感
* 同时熟练网页设计、3D、视频制作、音频制作、摄影优先
* 英语能力强优先
请把作品集发给我们参考。要是不发作品集, 我们不会考虑您的简历。

Motion Graphic Designer/动画师

Main Responsibilities:
– Participating in team brainstorms and proposing concepts
– Creating Storyboards

Experience and Skills needed:
– Must be fluent in AE, Maya and other animation software
– 3D animation skills are a plus
– Great illustration skills

请将简历发送至: hr@g2studio.info, 来信请注明您所应聘的职位, 并务必让我们知道该招聘信息来源于DamnDigital

Who we are
G2 Studio is a multi disciplined creative workshop.  We create effective, intelligent and imaginative designs for visual communication ideas. 
What we do
Firstly we listen.  We understand that everybody’s requirement is unique and therefore deserves a unique solution.  We then have the talent and the experience to offer concepts covering every angle involving: design, events, interactive, video and motion graphics, and photography.   
What does this mean for you, the client?
Wouldn’t it be great to have one creative partner to fulfill all your communication needs from start to finish?
Agree? That makes 2 of us.
Visit us at http://g2studio.info/
北京吉图企业形象设计咨询有限公司(G2 Studio) 是多一家专业创意工作室。我们为视觉沟通创意打造有效、机智而富有想象力的设计。
首先我们倾听。我们深知需求因人而异, 因而每个人都值得拥有独一无二的解决方案。我们的禀赋和经验所提供的服务理念, 涉及设计、活动、互动、视频与动画, 以及摄影等方方面面。
自始至终与富有创意的合作者相伴, 实现你全部的沟通需求, 不是一桩幸事吗?
认同吗? 我们将一拍即合。
公司官网: www.g2studio.net

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