[4A]上海奥美广告上海团队扩张, 诚意邀请充满热情的优秀人才加入!

Ogilvy & Mather Advertising 奥美广告


  • Account Manager, Account Director (Advertising & Digital)
  • Traffic Manager
  • Creative Service Director
  • Copywrtier (1 to 4 years experience)
  • Associate Creative Director (Copy base, excellent English communication skill)
  • Digital Designer & Art Director

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Account Manager, Digital 客户经理,互动经验 (FMCG)


  1. 3年以上4A广告公司工作经验,服务过国际快销类客户;
  2. 了解客户的品牌及相关市场状况
  3. 能独立面对客户,并独立处理作业中的问题,及时与主管沟通;
  4. 监控并保证工作项目的时间进度; 监督并保证内部流程的顺利展开
  5. 热诚与客户沟通,及时就客户的工作提出建设性意见;
  6. 有较强的人际交流能力和良好的团队合作精神,能承担较大的工作压力;
  7. 本科及以上学历;
  8. 中英文听、说、读、写流利。

(Associate) Account Director, Senior Account Director

Location: Shanghai,


  1. Background of FMCG is preferred;
  2. Associate Account Director: Minimum 4 year working experience; Account Director: Minimum 6 years of account management and/or management level marketing.
  3. At least 2 years of which has been in an agency environment; preferably with a combination of marketing, branding, business process, technology, and hospitality industry exposure;
  4. Understanding business and industry, identifying issues, providing sound marketing direction and solutions;
  5. Proven success in account growth and revenue generation;
  6. Demonstrated strategic or consultative approach to account management;
  7. Strong aptitude for building “partner” relationships with clients and colleagues;
  8. Interpersonal Requirements: Keen attention to detail;
  9. Strong account management, analytical, and problem solving skills;
  10. Proven track record executing complex projects;
  11.  Ability to effectively interact with all levels of an organization, from project manager to executive, while still introducing elements of fun and humor in the workplace;
  12. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and strong presentation in English abilities;
  13. Strong listening skills and the ability to be open to new ideas from team members, coworkers, industry sources and clients;
  14. Ability to manage several projects at once;
  15. A source of innovation, passion and creative vision;
  16. Must have sound financial management skills.

Traffic Manager 流程管理经理

Job Description


The Traffic Manager leads the Traffic Department. Traffic Manager is the key person who allocates resources for all the agency projects that require creative and studio time. Traffic Manager must have the best knowledge and is also the chief in policing the company’s processes, procedures, structure and policies. Their key role would be to allocate the optimal amount of resources, within or outside of the company, to ensure the goals of profitability, timeliness and quality can be met.

Creative Service Director 奥美广告

It’s a newly created position in our Shanghai office, we are looking for someone:

  1. Extremely experienced with a proven track record in running a big agency, especially a big creative department. Ideally, this person can help to oversee Advertising and Ogilvy One, too.
  2. Excellent in both Chinese and English speaking, good communication skills, it’s the key in dealing with both account service and creative teams.
  3. Not afraid of constant and intense pressure and hard work. Highly resourceful and solution-driven.
  4. Highly effective and efficient in organizing workflow and heavy workloads.
  5. Not afraid of saying no to both Servicing and Creative people, yet able to gain respect and cooperation from them.
  6. Must have leadership and project management skills

Senior Copywriter and Copywriter 广告资深文案/文案




  1. 1-4年广告经验,思维清晰,聪明,能够顺畅的将感受表达为文字
  2. 对新的事物有足够的好奇心,
  3. 有互动经验者,英语出色者优先,
  4. 请附上你最引以为傲的作品,如果没有作品,你可以附上你认为最有趣并与广告无关的作品(摄影,电影美术皆可)

Digital Designer and Art Director 互动设计,互动美术指导


职位要求 (我们希望你)

  1. 1-3年互动经验,美术牛X,对图形图像有变态的表达追求,
  2. 能熬夜看球能熬夜打游戏能熬夜加班,自认为工作就是你实现自我价值的牛X武器,欢迎你来!


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