Medialand北京 & 上海 2012第二波人才召募!

medialand Beijing 米兰数位

为因应Medialand.Beijing & Shanghai的下一阶段发展策略,
Medialand.Beijing & Shanghai要进行第二波的徵才了!
如果你认同Medialand.Beijing & Shanghai,充满热情、创新、积极的精神,

We are now looking for:

  • 资深互动创意策划 Senior Creative Planner x3
  • 资深互动设计师 Senior Interactive Designer x2
  • 互动工程师 Interactive Developer x1
  • 客户经理 Account Manager x2

资深互动创意策划Senior Creative Planner (Beijing x2、Shanghai x1)

  • 能把握互动营销趋势和消费者洞察。
  • 極富创意,想法新颖,有独特见解,熟悉网络表现形式。
  • 具备优秀的文案能力、能够独立完成项目的策划, 方案撰写与提案。
  • 擅于表达与沟通、有良好的提案能力。
  • 三年以上相关行业策划经验。
  • 具备英文能力者优先。
  • Have sense in interactive marketing trends and consumer insight.
  • Have innovative ideas, unique viewpoints, and familiar with digital media.
  • Excellence in copywriting, and can finish project planning, copy and presentation alone.
  • Good at communication and ability to present proposals.
  • 3+ years of related work experience.
  • Good English skills will take preference.

资深互动设计师Senior Designer (Beijing x1、Shanghai x1)

  • 对作品有强烈责任心,追求细节与使用者中心设计。
  • 可了解并接纳客户的要求与想法,在质量与商业化间求得平衡。
  • 专精于现今网页设计知识,熟html與CSS。
  • 熟运用绘图等各式设计软件(Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash…), 并对技术知识有相当的了解。
  • 善于沟通, 具备责任心,能够融合团队工作。
  • 三年以上网页设计工作经验,有Digital Agency服务经验者优先。
  • 请提供出色的线上作品,展示内容为以使用者为中心的设计。
  • Responsible for the content layout, pixel-perfect visual appearance and usability design.
  • Exceptional client and people management skills.
  • Expert knowledge of current web design trends and techniques.
  • Expert proficiency in multiple design software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash.
  • Contagious energy, enthusiasm, and a level head under pressure.
  • Ability to see and communicate the creative vision to the team and the client.
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience with interactive projects in an digital agency setting.
  • A strong online portfolio displaying user-centered design.

互动工程师Interactive Developer(Beijing x1)

  • 三年以上编程经验,精通ActionScript 3.0脚本语言。
  • 对面向对象的开发和设计模式有相当程度的理解,并能熟练应用。
  • 对于社交网API运用与规范有一定程度的了解。
  • 熟悉flash 与服务端通信方式,熟悉效能优化与前端debug技术。
  • 热爱程序研发工作,善于整合公司内外资源,沟通、协调能力佳。
  • 学历不拘,中英文需阅读流利。
  • 请提供相关作品网址。
  • At least 3+ years of professional interactive programming experience(ActionScript 3.0).
  • Strong knowledge of OOP, MVC / Pure MVC design patterns.
  • Expert knowledge of current social network APIs.
  • Ability to Build Dynamic Content-Driven applications ( XML, JSON), performance optimization and debugging technics. ( Safari / Chrome developer tools, Fiddler, Charles, Firebug ).
  • Interest in experimenting with new technologies; eager to learn .Good communication skills.
  • Contagious energy, enthusiasm, and a level head under pressure.
  • Good English reading ability.

客户经理 Account Manager(Beijing X 1、Shanghai X 1)

  • 中英文需听、说、读、写流利,並有独力提案能力。
  • 能提供客户完整服务与建议、开发潜在客户并与客户建立良好关系。
  • 具备良好提案、表达能力,并可独立实施项目管理及执行相关业务。
  • 监控并管理项目团队的分工、时程与预算成本掌控。
  • 善于整合公司内外资源,沟通、协调能力佳。
  • 主动积极,乐于拥抱挑战并能承担较高的工作压力。
  • 具备良好人际关系与团队合作精神。
  • 三年以上工作经验,至少两年客户服务经验(熟互联网广告流程或具4A广告公司AM经验) 。
  • Chinese/English speech, writing, listening and reading are fluent.
  • Having capability of rendering the intact solution and serving for clientele.
    Meanwhile, need to develop potential value and to forge the relationship with them.
  • Equipping with rhetorical expression, robust proposal, in align with executing project management independently and operating relevant business coordinately.
  • Efficient in monitoring and management the term collaboration, schedule deadline, limited budget.
  • Good at integrating of domestic resources in sync with the ability of communication and diplomatic tactic internally.
  • Always having motivation and enthusiasm to confront the high challenge of working pressure.
  • The facility in colleague’s relationship and cooperative sprite of term.
  • Possessing 3+ years working experiences and undergoing 2+ years at serving clients (expert at working flow of Internet commercial or AM in 4A advertisement companies).


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