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Nike Sportswear为你呈现——冠•AW77连帽衫

5大超凡亮点, 成就Nike Sportswear的完美标准。我们邀请了5为本土顶级明星来代言AW77的顶级品质。

在这一互动网站中, 包括Michael Lau、陈建州(黑人)、朱珠、陈涛和陈冠希在内的5位明星, 分别展示AW77的5大亮点——细节、剪裁、面料、完工和风帽, 共同演绎AW77的多变风格。另一方面, 我们也为你找来了大中国区的77个至上潮人, 演绎7大风格。

详情请浏览www.nike.com.cn/nikesportswear/aw77连帽衫, 明星的心水之选, 潮人的衣橱必备。现在是时候来秀出你自己了。

除此之外, 你还可以登陆www.nikesportswear.com.cn观看以上明星的独家专访、产品的传奇故事, 以及拍摄期间的幕后花絮, 发现把运动和时尚融为一体的秘诀!

为运动而设计, 为生活而创造。

Nike Sportswear presents – THE AW77 HOODIE

Five key principles define hoodie greatness and set the standard for perfection that is Nike Sportswear. We enlisted the help of 5 local icons to demonstrate these high standards of quality.

In this local interactive feature, Michael Lau, Blackie, Juju, Chen Tao and Edison Chen, each demonstrate the style versatility of the AW77 Hoodie and at the same time bring to life its 5 key attributes: Detail, Fit, Fabric, Finish and the Hood. On the other hand, we also find 77 top trendy guy in Great China to show you how to wear the one piece of hoodie in 7 styles.

Check out www.nike.com.cn/nikesportswear/aw77

Beyond the interactive feature, you can also find inclusive interviews, in-depth product focus stories and behind the scenes photos and videos on www.nikesportswear.com.cn. Watch them reveal their recipes on sport and style.

Designed for Sport, crafted for Life.

Project: Nike Sportswear The AW77 Hoodie 冠
Client: Nike 耐克
Advertising Agency: W+K Shanghai


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