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Art Director 美术指导

  • 专科毕业,3年以上相关工作经验
  • 能在团队中参与创意发想,监督执行,也有能力独立完成创意工作。


O&M Advertising Shanghai Office is currently seeking candidates to fill Senior Art Director Positions.

  • Knowing how the office produces work from start to finish; who does what and whom to go to in order to get done what you need to get done.
  • Fully understanding your client’s business problems and opportunities.
  • Questioning the brief. Making sure it makes sense to you. If it doesn’t, letting the brief-writer know. Then coming to a resolution that all parties feel good about, while being respectful along the way.
  • Working independently to know what next steps are while keeping a steady eye on the process.
  • Communicating often enough with others on the project so no misunderstandings or mix-ups occur.
  • Updating your Creative Director and/or Associate CD often so they he/she can contribute along the way and stay abreast of the progress.
  • Maintaining a good relationship with suppliers.


  • Above 3 years relevant creative experience in advertising;
  • Lively, intelligent, challenging, inquisitive and thoughtful;
  • Needs to be a team player and enjoy working with others to develop thinking as a unit and not as an individual;
  • Hard working and ambitious – want to go to the next step, willing to keep moving the thinking on, never happy to accept the first answer;
  • Articulate and able and willing to communicate their thinking as well as that of others in the team;
  • Proactive – want to be involved and want to communicate with others as to make it happen.

Retail Planner 零售业务策划经理

Job Purpose:

  • Assisting Clients in developing effective campaign strategies.
  • Identifying business issue, providing insights and solutions on business and execution performance to the account service team and client side to help them making right decisions.
  • Ensure a successful BTL /Trade marketing plan execution align with the integrated marketing campaign and business objective.
  • Defining performance criteria and overseeing results measurement.
  • Ensuring campaigns stay “on strategy” during the lifecycle of the project.
  • Contribute to project opportunity identification and development.
  • Establishes trustworthy and close working relationship with the relevant persons in client side.
  • This is a high visibility role which requires good presentation, coordination, communication and negotiation skills.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Appreciates the broader business context and demonstrates full understanding of the importance of having full visibility from briefing to execution in all relevant channels and markets.
  • Realises the vision to create an integrated communication and execution performance visibility platform to provide analytical view
  • Defines needs of analytical solutions and insights related to in-store execution and performance visibility, ensure cycle plan reflects optimum workload for the field force, maximum impact of the brand projects and cycle activities.
  • Effectively develops the full business process from data entry to management report in order to have seamless performance visibility in all relevant channel, category and markets, work out cycle Instructions followed by cycle evaluations. Monitor implementation of core & cycle tasks and flag the issues on time.
  • Develop Standard and ad-hoc reports with all necessary dimensions (Channel/Category/Geography) in line with the requirement of the relevant client.


  • At least Bachelors degree in related field.
  • Minimum 6 years marketing and trade marketing/retail marketing career in any FMCG company.
  • Minimum 2 years experience in Consumer Marketing/Trade Marketing or market research job.
  • Expertise and demonstrated experience on business intelligence tools, Consumer Marketing Insight, data management, designing/reporting and delivering analytical solutions.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills both in Chinese and English.
  • Strong leadership/interpersonal skill to manage client and work closely with technical team.



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