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nimAds 网迈广告

SEM Manager (台湾人)


Mission and Role:

NIM Digital is committed to creating Search Engine Marketing & Digital Platforms programmes that deliver incremental, measurable business results for its range of MNC and locally based clients in China; Hong Kong and SE Asia markets with a purpose to expand into Taiwan.

We are passionate about hiring the best talent, using the best digital advertising management tools and practices, which feed our drive to deliver winning results for our clients.

Summary of Role:

  1. Be the one of the main client contacts across some of our key clients
  2. Act as a mentor or support for colleagues or internal agency folk across various accounts
  3. Attend all relevant client and agency meetings to present search data, digital platform data, train where necessary and provide outstanding levels of client service to all clients in a proactive manner
  4. Be the account’s lead strategist by analysing campaign results and working with the key stakeholders to deliver improvements, new initiatives, increase revenue opportunities and constant value ad.
  5. Develop key senior relationships with relevant media owners to help improve overall service levels
  6. Up sell additional NIM Digital services – SEO / Display / Social
  7. Manage all account responsibilities from Campaigns / Clients / Finance
  8. Developing relationships and networking with clients and media in Taiwan
  9. Design and deploy high-performing paid search campaigns
  10. Perform daily compilation and analysis of data from all search engines.
  11. Execute reporting, provide insights and recommendations.
  12. Regularly optimize PPC campaigns through bid management, testing ad copy, and expanding keyword lists.
  13. Perform on-going keyword research to further expand both our PPC and SEO
  14. Provide thought leadership for campaigns based on ROI and conversion goals.
  15. Monitor, evaluate and recommend new media vehicles and technologies

Key Responsibilities Detailed:

  • Manage the implementing of search/ Digital platform strategies from client briefs
  • Review work load and project management capabilities of less experienced team members and offer suggestions on how to improve processes and or manage the reallocation/ prioritization of work where necessary to ensure high standards are maintained
  • Providing frequent progress/ contact reports regarding search & Platform marketing efforts and performance metrics to clients and or internal teams
  • Ensuring that all projects are meeting client goals/ expectations and quality levels are hitting deadlines and that results are being incorporated into new activity bookings
  • Add additional value to all projects by innovative thought and suggestion on client future projects
  • Assume top level responsibility for specific client budgets including monthly forecasting of spend and ensuring that accounts remain profitable to the business.
  • Oversee the management of campaign activity and ensure it is delivered to a consistently high standard and is cost effective
  • Proactively investigate agency, client and supply-side campaign issues (troubleshoot) and source best-practice resolutions in timely fashion
  • Ensure search is not working in isolation of other media activities
  • Oversee bid management strategies being deployed for your clients
  • Be in regular contact with media vendors to ensure client campaigns are effectively managed, serviced and set up
  • Take ownership and pride in each campaign to provide clients with market-leading service
  • Support wider NIM team with regular contributions to best practices and industry developments – keeping up to date with SEM developments
  • Provide NIM clients with outstanding customer service

Essential attributes of successful candidate:

  • Min 3 years Search and other Digital Platform experience.
  • Proficient in use of Search technology i.e. Dart, Kenshoo, Marin & understanding of Ad Serving.(Needs to do Marin/ Kenshoo Training)
  • Basic practical and theoretical knowledge of Analytics tools i.e. Google Analytics, Omniture, Core Metrics, Webtrends etc
  • Excellent Client Management skills with a proven track record of working with senior clients
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Organised, detail focused and meticulous by nature
  • Excellent time management and problem solving skills
  • Can manage numerous projects concurrently and consistently to deliver high-quality work to timescale (works well under pressure and to short deadlines)
  • A high degree of numeracy and literacy are essential, given the reporting and client financial investment aspects of the role as well as the copywriting, research and presenting aspects
  • Strong analytical skills a bonus
  • Ability to build and maintain strong working relationships
  • Team player working with multiple levels of management and peers
  • Good self-esteem, confidence and strength of character – ability to be assertive without being aggressive
  • Quick to learn, and keen to develop within an expanding sector
  • Advanced understanding of the internet market and its current role in media consumption




  1. 负责网络媒介策略规划
  2. 负责网络媒介方案策划
  3. 网络广告活动和网站合作策划方案


  1. 三年以上在广告公司/公关公司/网络广告公司媒介策划工作经验;
  2. 精通网络媒体的各种运用以及媒介组合策略;
  3. 大专以上学历,丰富的理论和实践知识;
  4. 团队合作强,能够承受一定的工作压力;
  5. 乐于挑战,思维敏捷,善于沟通
  6. 具有4A广告公司策划工作经历者优先。




  1. 媒介投放检测
  2. 与媒体沟通
  3. 数据统计及分析


  1. 良好的沟通能力
  2. 严谨仔细的工作态度
  3. 良好的学习能力,并且能在压力下工作
  4. 中专以上学历,有一定英文能力
  5. 形象气质良好,具有较强的亲和力及出色的沟通谈判能力
  6. 善于运用品牌规划的全套工具,对创意有判断力。
  7. 具有本岗位至少一年半以上工作经验,服务过国内外知名品牌
  8. 可承受压力,可独立统筹工作,善于整合内外资源
  9. 极强的沟通、公关能力,富于合作精神
  10. 良好的学习能力,并且能在压力下工作
  11. 具有4A广告公司客户服务工作经历者优先。

招聘邮箱: jojo.jiang@nimdigital.com, 联系时请务必告诉我们招聘信息来自于DamnDigital


网迈广告(NIM DIGITAL)是一家在中国为广告主提供数字整合营销解决方案的广告和媒介代理公司,是宏盟媒体集团(OMG)独立的数字营销服务商。
网迈广告成立于2004年,总部设在上海,在北京和广州设有分支机构。有超过260位专业员工为客户提供高效服务。多年的实践和积累使网迈在数字品牌营销和效果营销表现杰出,获得了诸多殊荣。在亚太区Media Awards、艾菲奖和金投赏等亚洲和国内最具影响力的评选中获得金奖,为客户创造价值并得到客户的广泛认可。网迈广告的客户来自于全球和国内一线品牌,J&J, Castrol, MacDonald’s, Dumex, Accor, CPIC, ANTA, OPPO, Ctrip, Alibaba等。在服务过程中,网迈与客户建立起相互信赖和相互成长的关系,帮助客户品牌和销售在中国持续上升。

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