[4A]上海奥美世纪 寻找互动媒介策划主管/媒介策划经理


互联网媒介策划主管,媒介策划经理, 奥美世纪,上海

Media Planning Supervisor, Media Planning Manager (Online, digital)

Job Description

  1. Developing online strategies based on clear insights on target audiences, bring the brands online and give them life and deliver their personalities
  2. Being responsible for understanding the client requirements based on the client’s marketing strategies
  3. Being able to manage project profitability
  4. Taking responsibility for plan quality : innovative, on-brief, clear concise ideas, on-target and on-budget
  5. Assist in presenting strategic media decks and plans to clients
  6. Understanding and actively seeking online media solutions to assist clients in achieving specific goals and objectives
  7. Implementing and maintaining and performing optimization efforts for online media campaigns
  8. Maintaining knowledge of current online media trends
  1. 根据对网络目标受众的洞察建立网络营销战略、策划,推动品牌/产品的网络化发展,传递品牌/产品的特质和影响
  2. 根据客户的市场营销战略,深入理解客户的网络营销需求
  3. 管理、协调客户项目的网络营销、策划工作
  4. 制定高质量的网络营销策划方案:创新的、简洁的、明晰的想法,有针对性的、预算的策划
  5. 协助对客户的网络营销战略、策划的提案,负责网络营销执行、网络媒体外联和其他相关工作
  6. 理解并积极寻求网络媒体解决方案,帮助客户达到特定的网络传播目的或受众
  7. 对客户的网络媒体传播效果进行优化
  8. 负责网络行业竞品调研分析、线上活动组织推广等工作


  1. A minimum of 3 years of online media planning experience or related experience for supervisor level
  2. Bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing or related program
  3. Excellent presentation and communication skills in English and Mandarin
  4. A complete knowledge of interactive marketing concepts and practices
  5. Proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word
  6. Working knowledge of online research tools such as iResearch iUserTracker, Nielsen AdRelevance and other media software tools
  7. Experience analyzing data, market research, and formulating actionable plans
  1. 媒介策划主管至少具备3年网络媒体策划或相关经验(有4A经验、各大门户网站工作、服务大客户经验者优先),能及时准确地沟通策略思路,协同客服、媒介和创意部完成全案企划
  2. 本科以上学历,广告、市场营销或相关专业
  3. 具备极强的网络营销策划、活动推广、提案、沟通能力,极强的工作责任心,熟悉英语和普通话
  4. 熟悉相关网络语言和网络市场概念,熟悉并掌握网络营销渠道资源
  5. 熟练使用PowerPoint,Excel和Word,有良好的文字驾驭能力
  6. 熟悉网络研究工具(如iResearch iUserTracker, Nielsen AdRelevance)
  7. 有数据分析、市场研究和制定可行性策划的能力


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