[4A]Ogilvy Fashion 上海奥美时尚招聘广告文案

Ogilvy 奥美

广告文案, Copywriter (Fashion,Retail clients)


Job Description:

As a copywriter, you are the great communicator. It is your task to take a client’s business problem or opportunity and, along with your art director partner, create concepts that engage the target and clearly communicate relevant messages. As the ‘copy caretaker,’ it is your responsibility to ensure the copy sings appropriately for a given brand, and that it communicates the message as effectively as possible. It should also be your goal to make your client and his brand famous. To get them talked about. And to have the brands that you work on be the brands that everybody in the agency wishes they were working on. To make the agency proud of the work you do, and to have the agency want to show off that work.



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