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W+K上海: 时间 是一个互动视频钟。钟面上时时更新的数字, 全由W+K上海来自10多个国家的各式成员演绎。它不仅为你报时, 还向你展现他们是一群怎样的人、有着怎样的想法。

视频钟会随机显示不同的八人组合, 一人代表一个数字, 依次用中文为你报出当前时间; 它还会在每天的不同时段表达W+K人的想法、意见、或者废话, 甚至只是一声尖叫。

听听现在几点? 试着按一下装置上的按钮。按得久一点, 你还能听到里面传出奇怪的声音。要是你想破解更多机关, 请登录www.wkshanghai.com/time。在那里, 你可以搜索, 可以设置闹钟, 还可以通过不同按键组合来自定义你的视频钟。此外, W+K上海的办公室入口还设置了互动装置, 更多新鲜有趣的功能有待你亲自去发现!

W+K SH: TIME is an interactive video clock made up of all of the members of W+K Shanghai from over 10 countries. It not only tells the time but also represents who we are and how we think through a collection of short interactive video portraits.

The clock gives the current time in Mandarin Chinese announced by a random grouping of W+K Shanghai people, each saying a separate digit. They also express how they feel depending on the time of day.

Visitors can push the button on the installation to be told the time. If they push a little longer they can hear other messages and sounds from the different employees. In the online version (www.wkshanghai.com/time), the clock has more functions such as search and alarm. Users can also create customized clocks by using different keyword combinations. Also, we’ve set an interactive installation at W+K Shanghai office entrance, you may explore more interesting functions by yourselves.


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