ISABELLE SIMON 加入阳狮集团担任高级副总裁

Paris, February 4, 2009 – Isabelle Simon has joined Publicis Groupe as Senior Vice President.She will oversee the Mergers and Acquisitions and Legal departments, and will monitor minority holdings and the Groupe’s external development strategy.
巴黎, 2009 年2 月4 日, Isabelle Simon 加入阳狮集团担任高级副总裁。她将会管理并购和法律部门, 监管少量股份并掌管集团对外发展策略。

Maurice Lévy states: “I am happy to announce that Isabelle Simon has joined Publicis Groupe as Senior Vice President. This brings our management team up to full strength and her double experience will be extremely valuable in these times of crisis and opportunities.”
Maurice Lévy 称:“我非常高兴地宣布Isabelle Simon加入了阳狮集团担任高级副总裁。这将会提升我们管理团队的整体实力, 在这个危机和机会并存的时代, 她的丰富经验非常宝贵。”

Isabelle Simon began her career as a lawyer with Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton (1995-2002) before joining Goldman Sachs in 2003 as a banker in the Investment Banking Division as Executive Director.
Isabelle Simon 在2003 年加入Goldman Sachs, 以一个银行业者身份在投资银行部担任执行总监之前, 是和Cleary Gottlieb Steen 以及Hamilton(1995-2002)以律师身份开始她的职业生涯的。

Isabelle Simon graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris (1991), HEC (1993) and Harvard Law School (1997). She obtained post-master degrees in English and North-American Business Law (DEA, 1994) an in International Tax Law (DESS, 1994) and was admitted to the Paris Bar (1994) and the New York Bar (1997).
Isabelle Simon 毕业于法国巴黎政治学院(1991), 巴黎HEC 商学院(1993)以及哈佛法学院(1997)。她获得了英语, 北美商业法(DEA, 1994)和国际税法(DESS, 1994)的博士后学位, 并被巴黎律师业(1994)和纽约律师业(1997)所认可。

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