JWT wins China jeans brand Jasonwood


本土牛仔休闲品牌Jasonwood(坚持我的) 没有经过任何比稿特指定北京JWT智威汤逊为其广告代理商为品牌打造一个更加鲜明的推广策略, 并拓展产品在二、三级城市的市场占有率。

这是Jasonwood首次尝试国际4A广告代理商。“我们要帮助他们建立更加明确的品牌策略, 提高销售额并在季节性促销活动上提供建议。”北京智威汤逊MD徐宁(Oliver Xu) 对说。

目前牛仔休闲服饰本土市场上本地品牌随处可见, 价格低廉, 竞争激烈。

“打造一个时尚品牌同打造一个FMCG品牌是不同的, 因为我们需要更长期的品牌经验来迎合年轻大众。”徐宁补充道。


As reported to day in the Media Bulletin, Jasonwood, a Chinese jeans and casual wear brand based in Zhejing province, has appointed JWT Beijing without a pitch.

The agency is tasked with helping the brand set a clearer strategy for expanding its market share in China’s tier-two and three cities.

It is the first time local brand Jasonwood has used a 4As agency. “Our task is to help them set up a clear brand strategy for further growth and advise them on their seasonal promotion campaigns,” said Oliver Xu, MD of JWT Beijing.

The jeans and casual wear market is cluttered with homegrown brands, which are competing in the lower-end price bracket.

“Building up fashion brand is different from FMCG brands, as we need more persistent brand experiences to engage with the younger demographic,” Xu added.

JWT Beijing has experience working with Chinese apparel brands like Li Ning and Meters Bonwe

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