W+K Shanghai: NIKE Let’s do Yoga!



嗨, 各位:


耐克动感瑜伽于本周正式上线。请登录Nikewomen.com.cn和Yogirl一起体验。你可在此欣赏到耐克动感瑜伽的训练以及网球宝贝Maria Sharapova分享她的瑜伽心得。

瑜伽训练过后, 跟着Yogirl放松一下吧。和Yogirl一起玩记忆游戏, 下载Yogirl时钟屏保


Hello All,

It’s Yoga time!

Nike has fully launched Nike Dynamic Yoga campaign this week. Please go to Nikewomen.com.cn to do Yoga with Nike Yogirl together, where you can see the video of Nike Dynamic Yoga Training and tennis beauty Maria Sharapova talking about how Yoga helps her.

Besides training piece, Yogirl will also bring you fun. You can play Yoga memory game on the website and download beautiful Yoga screen saver to your computer.

Let’s do Yoga!

Client: Nike Women
Advertising Agency: Weiden+Kennedy Shanghai 上海韦柯广告

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