[4A] 奥美公共关系国际集团上海寻(资深)客户主任 Fashion & Premium Brand

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide 奥美公关

1980年成立于美国纽约的奥美公共关系国际集团 (简称:奥美公关)是世界十大专业公关公司之一,它和奥美广告等姊妹公司分享同一企业品牌。1995年开始在中国大陆设立分公司,目前已成为国内最大的国际公关企业。


  • 奥美公共关系集团与蒙古首家公关公司Breakthrough签署了独家战略联盟协议;
  • 同时凭借固特异“安全是一生的事业”荣膺全球SABRE大奖“议题管理”类的大奖,是中国唯一的获奖者;
  • 在新一年的全国公关公司25强排名中,奥美又一次位列榜首。

目前,上海奥美公共关系集团正寻求(资深)客户主任 加入我们优秀的团队!


Senior Associate, 资深客户主任 (Fashion & Premium Brand)


1.Account Management

  • Performs day-to-day account work that may include: drafting a wide range of written materials, coordinating events, maintaining client and media contact.
  • Is fully familiar with group’s communications plans for accounts and understands and tracks clients’ businesses.
  • Acts as a liaison between client, outside suppliers (graphic designers, photographers, A/V houses, etc.) and, as appropriate, other internal and external audiences (e.g., employees, media, interest groups).
  • Pursues opportunities for enhancing involvement and contributions to the account, team and agency.

2.Professional Skills

  • Drafts sound, credible documents such as client memos, news releases, case histories, byliners, backgrounders, op-ed pieces, brochures and collateral materials.
  • Implements events such as press conferences, media briefings, analyst meetings, media tours third-party advocacy, etc.
  • Demonstrates competence at using internal and external research capabilities and in preparing in-depth analyses.
  • Has sound working knowledge of graphics, production and printing, video and broadcast, IT and emerging media.
  • Is building presentation skills.
  • Contributes to presentations using internal or external resources.
  • Executes media and advocacy relations activities and has working knowledge of media advocates and their needs.

3.Routine Financial and Administrative work

4.Contributes to the development of new business programs.




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