We Are W+K, We Are Independent

Wieden + Kennedy (W+K)是一家独立的、以创意为主导的传播代理商。我们在全世界7个城市设立了办公室, 包括: 波特兰纽约阿姆斯特丹伦敦东京上海以及德里。

2005年, 我们成立了中国分部, 即上海韦柯广告有限公司(Shanghai Wieden + Kennedy Advertising Co.,Ltd.), 其对外始终简称为W+K上海, W+K Shanghai, Wieden & Kennedy上海或Wieden & Kennedy Shanghai, 同时我们从未使用过“W&K”这一简称。

上海韦柯广告有限公司从未被任何其他公司收购。对于W+K而言, 保持独立性对其至关重要, 并使得我们能够创造一个自由创作的环境。在W+K Shanghai, 我们始终致力于为创意人员保持此种环境, 创作激励人心的作品, 并致力于为优秀企业和他们的顾客之间建立坚实且令人兴奋的合作关系。

Wieden + Kennedy (W+K) is an independent, creatively led communications agency. We have offices in 7 cities around the world: Portland, New York, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, Shanghai and Delhi.

In 2005, we launched the China branch – Shanghai Wieden + Kennedy Advertising Co., Ltd. (Chinese name: 上海韦柯广告有限公司), which has always been known as W+K Shanghai, Wieden & Kennedy Shanghai, while we never used the abbreviation “W&K”.

Shanghai Wieden + Kennedy Advertising Co., Ltd. has never been bought by another company. Because being independent is W+K’s fundamental, it allows us to foster a creative environment without boundaries. At W+K Shanghai we will continue to protect this wonderland for creative people, create works that will inspire people, and to build strong and provocative relationships between good companies and their consumers.

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