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谁说一定需要足够的场地来展示作品呢? 我们早已找到了向公众展示W+K和中国本土优秀人才的绝佳空间——W+K上海办公室的玻璃幕墙。首次展览作品来自我们创意组的三位设计师, 他们包办了办公室三层楼的窗贴设计, 以此展现W+K的活力和精神。

三幅“巨作”以天堂、人间以及地狱命名, 来听一下他们各自的独到见解吧。

《天堂》设计师—Morris Lee
元素的构建来自我理想中的W+K上海天堂, 如果存在的话。基本上我只是混搭了一些东方神话如笑佛、宝塔, 某些青年文化元素如愚蠢朋克乐队、快乐分裂乐队主音伊恩·柯蒂斯随身携带并因此声名远扬的VoxPhantom吉他、暴力反抗机器乐队的标志以及Wii的遥控器等等,当然还少不了办公室某些同事的肖像。

《人间》设计师—Ellie See
我的灵感来自W+K上海的日常工作氛围。有些同样的人物贯穿整个作品, 你可以看到他们骑车去上班、开会、在超现实环境下和动物、棕榈树一起工作。这是一个人与自然完美生存的理想空间。

《地狱》设计师—Driv Loo
我的作品是地狱, 所以有人在下面工作、玩乐。正如发掘我们尚未意识到的事物一样, 你也可以说你在下面看到了鬼魂和怪兽。它可以是任何一个让你玩乐的危险地带……

Who says you need space to showcase artwork? Using our office window, we found a perfect canvas to display the talent of both WKers and local Chinese talents to the public. Our first exhibition deals with window stickers by 3 of our creative team that cover 3 floors of our office, to showcase W+K’s energy and sprit.

Divided into Heaven, Earth, and Underworld, here’s what each artist has to say about their work.

From Heaven: Morris Lee
A construction of elements drawn from what I felt is the perfect representation of W+K Shanghai’s heaven… Should there be one.?Basically I just mashed up eastern mythology stuff eg. laughing buddha, pagoda with some youth cultural icons like daft punk, the infamous vox phantom carried by Ian Curtis, vocal, RAGE against the machine logo, wii remote etc. And yeah there’s some portraits of people from the office.

In the now and present, Earth by Ellie See:
My inspirations come from the W+K’s daily working atmosphere and the environment. There is a same character through out the illustrations, you can see him cycling to work, having meeting and working in surreal background with animals and fan-trees. It’s a space where people and nature comes together.

And of course, underground by Driv Loo:
Mine is underground, so there are some workers working, digging, having fun down there… Like discovering something we haven’t realize. ?And as you can see there are ghosts and monsters down there too…. It can be a dangerous place to play with…

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