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Creative Traffic Coordinator

THE RESPONSIBILITIES: The Creative Coordinator is on the front lines of daily project management, facilitating the workflow of creative projects and managing the lifespan of client work from inception to delivery.

Day to Day Duties:

  • Execute established production schedules and manage daily creative projects.
  • Participate in frequent inter-departmental meetings to gauge production workload and stay consistently informed of all active and forecasted work.
  • Define chronology of dates/times for each step of a project’s workflow
  • Zealously ensure that deadlines are met and that all related personnel are held accountable.
  • Identify available resources and assign individual responsibilities to creative and production staff.
  • Identify potential issues and pro-actively work with team members to address.
  • Help schedule and prepare materials for meetings.
  • Creation, maintain and distribute of weekly hot lists to team members for various client project milestones and status.
  • Gain all necessary approvals to move projects forward.
  • Keep the flow of information open, honest and transparent.
  • Communicate critical information to relevant parties in a timely manner.
  • Report issues between account services, creative services, and/or production staff to supervisor and/or senior department managers.
  • Review deliverables prepared by team before passing to client.
  • Enforce strict adherence to standardized procedures, such as the consistent application of naming conventions, file/folder organization, versioning control, etc.
  • Close jobs and prepare for Accounting.
  • Produce estimates as necessary.

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree required and/or 1+ years of professional experience.
  • Strong communication, negotiation and conflict-resolution skills.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Resourcefulness and adaptability.
  • Understands how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully.
  • Commitment to continuous process improvement initiatives and ability to solve problems creatively.
  • Poise and focus under pressure; inspires confidence to work independently and in support of department goals and business objectives.

Account Director 客户总监(互动策划)—上海


  1. 为客户的高端网站建设及网络线上活动制定、策划方案,并且帮助客户提出网络行销建议及解决方案;需负责项目的提案;
  2. 负责新客户的沟通、老客户的维护,以及客户潜在及延展性需求的实现;
  3. 综合分析客户的产品、竞争对手等各方面的状况信息,不断挖掘客户需求;
  4. 对客户需求的准确把握与引导,并将信息对项目人员执行进行有效传达,帮助项目的准确有效达成;


  1. 具有大型项目(网站、网络活动)优秀的策划及提案经验;
  2. 能够针对客户的行业及实际特征提出互联网方面的行销策略;
  3. 较强的沟通及表达能力。具有大型客户服务经验;
  4. 必须:英文听说读写流利;
  5. 较强的项目管理能力及经验;
  6. 较强的适应意识及适应能力


  1. Responsible for maintaining strong client relationships and for the output of CRM, direct marketing and creative strategies
  2. Must use his/her experience of the discipline to drive constant improvement. The job scope covers: client service, development of customer insights based on data, development of CRM strategy and lead generation programs
  3. A previous background in Direct Marketing and CRM in either Agency or Client Role is preferred
  4. Fluency in Mandarin and English .


  1. Be good at planning, collecting and allocating resources;
  2. Abundant Experience of CRM strategy, planning and execution
  3. Good English in both written and oral;
  4. At least 5 years working experience with advertising agency.

Account Manager/Senior Account Manager 客户经理/资深客户经理—上海


  1. 帮助客户提出、策划网络行销(网站建设、网络推广、网络活动)的解决方案;
  2. 综合分析客户的产品、竞争对手等各方面的状况信息,不断挖掘客户需求;
  3. 保持、建立客户关系,负责客户潜在及延展性需求的实现;
  4. 对客户与执行项目人员的信息协调沟通,帮助项目的准确有效达成;
  5. 负责新客户的开发沟通、老客户的维护,项目的提案。


  1. 能够针对客户的行业及实际特征提出互联网方面的行销策划
  2. 优秀的策划及线上项目提案经验
  3. 具有大型客户服务经验
  4. 较强的沟通及表达能力
  5. 英文听说读写流利

(Senior) Account Executive 客户执行/项目执行—上海


  1. 客户执行工作:负责网站项目维护的管理及全程监控。
  2. 协助项目经理工作,维护客户关系。
  3. 互联网口碑营销的策划和执行 网络媒体的监测、互联网动态的分析
  4. 其他相关工作。


  1. 互联网线上ACCOUNT经验,广告、英语、市场及人文类相关专业大本以上学历;
  2. 熟悉互联网,网络媒体、网络游戏、网络推广、移动通信服务者优先考虑;
  3. 有良好的中英文听说读写能力、良好的审美观,能熟练运用Office软件
  4. 认真细致、敬业、积极进取;
  5. 较强的学习能力、沟通协调及组织能力。

Art Director


To routinely conceptualize creative solutions that effectively communicate the strategic intent for each tactic within the assigned product(s).


Primary Responsibilities:  Art Direction/Graphic Design

  • Personally work on the graphic development of at least one product.
  • Interact with Copywriters to develop creative concepts and executions of assigned product(s).
  • Possess solid understanding of the science and market dynamics of assigned product(s).
  • Work closely with account executives to schedule and monitor all projects.
  • Provide accurate time and cost estimates for each tactic.
  • Perform miscellaneous tasks, as directed by Creative Director.

Secondary Responsibilities:  Client Relationships

  • Advise client on all technical visual recommendations and/or issues.
  • Help facilitate both the input and creative meetings.
  • Assist in making presentations to client.

Tertiary Responsibilities:  Staff Development

  • Provide detailed direction to designers.
  • Assist in the education and development of designers.


  • Comprehensive computer photo-retouching and image development skills.
  • Demonstrated complete understanding of:
  • Color theory and color relationships.
  • Perspective and space relationships.
  • Page composition and grid structures.

Demonstrated ability to:

  • Communicate thorough knowledge of assigned product(s).
  • Effectively handle multiple assignments at one time.
  • Manage challenging situations both internally and with the client.
  • Command respect of freelancers and designers and be able to effectively oversee their work.

Project Manager 项目经理(上海)

Job Description:

  1. Plan and manage delivery of Interactive projects, on scope, time, cost and quality;
  2. Timelines, SOWs, project QA plans;
  3. Provide professional opinion and suggestions when necessary;
  4. Ensure execution of project plan, implementing appropriate controlling processes;
  5. Implement change management and risk management as appropriate;
  6. Track ongoing project status, and provide status reports;
  7. Project team leader;
  8. Ensure effective communication for all team members;
  9. Ensure all team members understand and accept their responsibilities;
  10. Establish priorities among project activities where necessary;
  11. Pro-actively identify and solve problems or potential problems;
  12. Brief and manage any outside vendors necessary to successfully complete the project;
  13. Ensure proper project close-out;
  14. Analyze actual project performance against baseline;
  15. Initiate project review, where appropriate;
  16. Provide feedback on team members’ performance to their managers, if appropriate.


  1. 与内部团队沟通,及时准确传达客户需求,保障工作计划的顺利进行;
  2. 在项目上能提出完整的创意和表现概念,并在执行上可带领团队完成项目,并能对项目品质全面监控;
  3. 参与创意,参与讨论方案,提出建设性意见;
  4. 确定项目内容,编写SOW;
  5. 收集和整理客户提供的资料;
  6. 优化和协调各项目的资源;
  7. 与技术,设计和市场人员一起,安排相关会议,收集和整理客户的需求与资料;
  8. 大型项目规划与基础构架设计;
  9. 理解客户需求方向,反馈给创意总监;
  10. 协调客户与第三方厂商、外聘人员、公司内部人员的沟通;
  11. 记录并管理所有反馈意见以及与客户核对的过程;
  12. 预见项目实施过程中可能的问题并提前解决;
  13. 设计和管理项目的时间进度,确保项目准时、高效完成。


  1. Understanding of basic Project Management skills, balancing time, budget and scope;
  2. Understand fundamental process steps and deliverables in creating Interactive projects, from concept to deployment;
  3. 2 – 3 years solid experience of interactive project production and successful track record across a broad range of Interactive project types;
  4. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  5. Team player – enjoys working within a multi-disciplinary project team;
  6. Good motivator, organizer and team leader;
  7. Negotiation and troubleshooting skills;
  8. Good documentation skills;
  9. Results-focused and willing to challenge obstacles;
  10. Ability to work under pressure and towards tight deadlines;
  11. Pro-active problem solving ability;
  12. Generalist’s understanding of different Interactive skill areas, including but not limited to hosting parameters, system architecture, coding, web design, multimedia production, sound/video editing, etc;
  13. Logical and critical thinking, strong ability to consolidate opinion and comment into conclusion;
  14. Digital savvy, Unquenchable curiosity for new technology;
  15. Ability to face the client on a basic level;
  16. Basic understanding of PMBOK knowledge areas.


  1. 了解项目管理的方法,需求,及相关的管理技巧;
  2. 2-3年互动项目制作人经验,从创意概念丶设计风格丶用户可用性丶以及对不同类型的互动项目的前端丶后端等都有一定的认知及研究;
  3. 对各类不同的新科技及数字媒体有热情及强烈的好奇心;
  4. 良好的中英文书面和口头沟通能力;
  5. 良好及有效率的文档处理技巧及能力;
  6. 积极主动、性格开朗、讲求效率、乐于接受挑战;
  7. 具有良好的团队协作, 效率的自我管理和独立工作的能力;
  8. 工作责任心强;
  9. 具备一定的谈判技巧,富有创意且自信;
  10. 有很强的主创能力,指导并监控项目执行中的设计品质及规范;
  11. 思维敏捷丶缜密, 逻辑思考能力和归纳总结能力强, 具备优秀的创新意识和学习能力;
  12. 能承受较大的工作压力;
  13. 对于PMBOK的知识及理论有所认识,具备PMP/ PRINCE2证书资格者优先;

PM Intern


  1. 有效率的执行PM给出的各个工作,对项目的进度及品质作监控;
  2. 收集和整理客户提供有关项目的资料;
  3. 与技术和市场人员一起,安排相关会议,收集和整理客户的需求与资料;
  4. 与第三方厂商丶外聘人员丶公司内部人员的沟通;
  5. 记录并管理所有反馈意见以及与客户核对的过程;


  1. 能充分理解客户并有良好的沟通能力, 能理解策略并有良好的表达能力;
  2. 对新鲜知识的渴望并能积极学习;
  3. 具有很强的推动力;
  4. 大专学历;
  5. 良好的中英文书面和口头沟通能力;
  6. 良好及有效率的文档处理技巧及能力;
  7. 具有较强的沟通、协调能力和公关能力, 良好的团队合作精神;
  8. 工作责任心强;
  9. 积极主动、性格开朗、讲求效率、乐于接受挑战;
  10. 具备网络广告, 营销知识, 网站建设及维护相关专业技术有一定了解;
  11. 对于各类不同的新科技及数字媒体有热情及强烈的好奇心;
  12. 头脑灵活, 逻辑条理, 有良好的沟通技巧;理工科本科毕业优先;

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