[4A] 奥美互动上海寻求有互动经验的客户经理,客户总监以及互动制作团队

OgilvyOne 奥美互动

We are looking for talents with attributes of innovation, passion and creative vision!

客户总监(Account Director, Digital, Shanghai)


  • To lead their accounts within a constructive and creative operating environment.
  • To develop newly formed ‘interactive’ relationships securing additional projects and therefore revenues.
  • To ensure high quality of the agency’s product, to inspire the highest standards in team members and contribute to the successful and profitable achievements of the client’s objectives.


OgilvyOne Shanghai Office is currently seeking Account Director candidates. Digital Experience is a must.


  1. Minimum 5 years of account management experience in International 4A agencies or related field, with at least 2 years in digital practice;
  2. Understanding business and industry, identifying issues, providing sound marketing direction and solutions from strategic views;
  3. Proven success in account growth and revenue generation
  4. Demonstrated strategic or consultative approach to account management,
  5. Good communication & leadership skills, hard working, responsible, passionate;
  6. Excellent in planning and resources leveraging;
  7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and strong presentation in both Chinese and English abilities
  8. Multi-tasks management skills
  1. 5年以上国际4A广告/互动广告相关行业客户管理经验,至少2年以上经验从事互动数字领域
  2. 了解公司业务以及行业情况,懂得发现问题,提供完善的营销方向和解决方案
  3. 曾成功增长客户数及提高公司收入
  4. 运用战略性或顾问性方式进行客户管理
  5. 优异的中英文书面及口头表达能力以及较强的演讲能力
  6. 具有优秀的沟通及管理能力,善于计划及利用资源
  7. 具备同时管理几个不同项目团队的能力
  8. 具有创新、激情以及创造性的视野

客户经理(Digital Account Manager, Shanghai)


OgilvyOne Shanghai Office is currently seeking Account Manager Candidates. Digital Experience is a must.


  1. 1.      With at least 3-year 4A agency working experiences and digital background;
  2. 2.      Have excellent English skill in both spoken and written;
  3. 3.      With good interpersonal, communication and judgment skill;
  4. 4.      Strongly sense on interactive strategy;
  5. 5.      Familiar with various digital communication channels
  6. 6.      Can play as a team leader and player with detailed and observational insight;
  7. 7.      With dedicated and deliverable working attitude.



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