MINI BMW 博世家电 佳能 希尔顿酒店…Interone有这么多国际客户,现在就差你了!

Interone is an international advertising agency (BBDO Worldwide Group) developing highly creative communication solutions for the Chinese market. Through-the-line (ATL, BTL, Internet, Mobile, CRM etc.) service portfolio of Interone includes:

  • Integrated brand and product communication strategy and creative concepts;
  • Cross-media and multi-channel creative services;
  • Integrated marketing communication consultancy;
  • Digital business solution strategy and execution.

Interone stands for creative communication on an international level for local and international brands in China, our current clients include BMW, MINI, Bosch, Canon, Hilton etc.

资深互动美术指导 Senior Interactive Art Director

我们正在寻找你!WE WANT YOU!
追求大创意的资深互动美术人。A Senior Interactive Art Director, who is in love with big ideas.

  • 你拥有至少5年工作经验,能适应主导创意的角色,与团队成员一起为网站和网络活动的创意发想创意,并能顺利领导一个项目,从创意发想,设计制作到活动上线。
    After working for over 5 years, you can adapt yourself well with the role of initially collaborating on ideas for websites and digital campaigns with all team members. And you feel comfortable leading a project from kick-off and idea finding to production and delivery.
  • 你深知创意、设计、策略是密不可分的,对广告创意活动有更深的看法,并能为创意策略在执行方面提供最佳的设计与技术支持。
    You understand that design, idea and strategy are not separate entities. So you will be able to look at the ‘bigger picture’ in a creative advertising campaign, incorporating best design and technology practices to provide cohesive support of overall creative strategies.
  • 你是一名作图老手,玩转PS、Illustrator,并对Flash的应用及兼容还有其他网络技术有不错的了解(略懂After Effects更佳)。
    You also have a strong working experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and a deep understanding of the capabilities of Adobe Flash and other web technologies (hands-on knowledge of After Effects is a plus).
  • 你是一名出色的团队领导者,既能激励团队又能带动新人,并能与创意总监一起推进项目的进展。
    We would like you to be an outstanding team player who motivates team members, overlooks juniors as well as actively pushes and handles a project in collaboration with the Creative Director.
  • 你的英语水平应足矣应对日常交流(书面和口语,我们的工作中大量用到英语)。
    Your English skills should exceed being able to say “hello”, both in written and oral form. (We communicate in English a lot)
  • 如果正是我们要找的人,别犹豫,快把你的简历和作品发来吧。
    Does all this describe who you are, and are you interested? Then please send us your CV & portfolio today and find out if you and Interone Beijing make a good match!
  • 假如你觉得上述要求你尚未达到,但仍乐于尝试,也请联系我们。我们为渴望学习的人也准备了一样东西,这也正是我们每天都在做的!
    If you feel that some of the requirements are something you don’t yet know, but would love to do: please also contact us. We have a thing for people who love to learn as that is exactly what we do every day as well!

初级设计师/设计师(传统ATL广告创意部)Junior Designers / Designers (ATL/BTL)

亲爱的设计师们,我们正在寻找这样的你:Designers & Junior Designers out there, we are looking for you!

  • 你知道什么是好点子,并热衷于创造好点子;不仅让它在脑袋中打转,更能借手绘、涂鸦或Photoshop给它生命;
    You understand and love good ideas, and even more you love to bring them alive through mind-blowing visuals – be it hand-drawn, scribbles or amazing Photoshop mock-ups. We welcome all your talents and encourage you to show & use them.
  • 你能摆得平印刷难题,设计大作一摆,就能让所有人忘乎所以地读完上面所有文字;
    You know how to handle Typography beyond the usual sameness, and your layouts make people want to read all of the copy just because of its looks.
  • 你不仅了解平面设计,更对网络广告颇感兴趣(毕竟你每天长混网上!)
    You know a thing or two about Print Design; and you have some interest in Web Design, too. The Internet is your daily playground after all.
  • 你进得了大项目,跟团队并肩奋斗;撑得起小项目,有独立自由的思考和创意能力。
    You are a team player who can work in a family-like atmosphere on big clients, but you are as well a free thinking, inspired individual who looks forward to handling smaller projects on your own.
  • 而一些基本技能,也是必需的。比如熟练掌握Adobe CS3(或以上版本),以及用英语进行基本交流。
    > Mandatories: knowledge of Adobe CS Applications (CS3 level at least) and basic English skills. Of course any other talents e.g. scribbling, painting, editing, filming, singing are welcome, too, but not necessary. A bit of humor and a sunny personality doesn’t hurt either.
  • 除此之外,涂鸦、绘画、编辑、拍片、唱歌……尽管看上去有些无关紧要,但会令你非常受欢迎。幽默感和开朗的性格,你知道的,大家都喜欢。
    If you feel this could be you, we would like to meet you in person – do the first step today and send us your portfolio!

实习设计师(传统广告创意部)Design Interns (ATL/BTL)

We at Interone Beijing give opportunities to young talents.
We believe in assisting and training young talents like you. This is you’re chance to work in international creative teams for international clients, learning and participating close up at the same time.

We are looking for interns with HEARTs.

  • 一颗求知心:用开放的思维,吸收各种营养。
    A Heart for learning: an open brain means absorbing all kinds of nutrition;
  • 一颗野心:大胆地梦想未来!但别忘了拿出态度去实现它。
    A Heart for ambition: an open future means having an aim and an attitude;
  • 一颗热情的心:狂热的创造能力,将让你随时随地有新发现。
    A Heart for passion: open creativity means willing to find opportunities anywhere;
  • 一颗友善之心:三人行必有我师,何况是一个团队。请相信领导、伙伴和你自己。
    A Heart for people: open to find educating leaders, inspiring colleagues and last but not least friends;

You are a design student or just graduated, or have some similar background related to creative skills, or you simply think you’re talented for this job…
If you think somehow this could be you, please send us your portfolio or background today!

中文文案(线上/线下)Copywriter Chinese (ATL/BTL)

Copywriter with love for language and an adventurous mind, who knows no limits when it comes to playing with words – eager to learn, to write & move forward. You bring 3-5 years of experience;

  • 你了解不同品牌的不同语言调性要求。
    You understand the different needs for different brands in terms of language & tonality;
  • 你喜欢尝试不同的撰文风格,从中吸收更多经验。
    You like to practice different kinds of writing styles and want get even more experienced doing that;
  • 你能与团队精诚合作,按创意简报要求工作。
    You can work with a team and follow your superiors’ briefings;
  • 你既能服从规范,又能在有机会时体现出独立创见。
    You are open for guidance, yet you enjoy working independently whenever you get the opportunity;
  • 你的英语足够我们内部沟通。
    You have ok-to-good English skills for internal communicating.

If this sounds interesting to you, find out if we fit together and send us your CV & portfolio today!

初级中文文案 (线上/线下)Junior Copywriter Chinese (ATL/BTL)

We are looking for a junior copywriter. You bring 1-2 years of experience in copywriting with an ambitious mind and the ideal of revolutionizing the Chinese advertising language; you like to play with words and discover new possibilities every day.

  • 你喜欢与优秀人才为伍,喜欢与创意疯子组队,喜欢他们执著于好作品,互相刺激好点子。
    You like to work in a team of talented people who are crazy about creating ideas, good work and inspiring each other;
  • 你好学上进,你至少略懂英文,毕竟,语言是你天生的宠物。
    You are eager to learn and push yourself to new heights. English is not a must, but it would be nice if this language is not a total mystery to you.

Interesting accounts and a great team are waiting for you – send us your CV and portfolio or background today!


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