Euro RSCG, Euro RSCG 4D Combine in N.Y.

Euro RSCG 4D 灵智精实整合传播集团

纽约 – Havas 集团旗下的 Euro RSCG 和 Euro RSCG 4D 正式将其纽约的公司合并成单一的运营机构, 由联合管理团队统一管理. 后者的250名员工将归入 Euro RSCG.

Euro RSCG 4D (下简称4D) 是互动和直效行销公司, 他们将和创意公司 Euro RSCG (下简称Euro) 一起组成一个达到500名员工的传播机构. Euro 的环球策略长 Andrew Bennett 与 4D 的纽约首席执行官 Jeff Brooks 将共同担任新机构的联席总裁, 并且向 Euro 北美执行长 Esther Lee 汇报工作. 此前 Jeff Brooks 负责4D纽约办公室以及在波士顿和威尔顿的分枝. 而 Euro 纽约此前并没有总裁或执行长, 只有一支管理团队在负责运营. 其前首席执行官 David Jones 在2005年升任为全球首席执行官. 合并之后, 不再保留 4D 的首席执行官职位, 而 4D 的ECD, Patrick Stern 也将加入 Euro RSCG 的创意部, 与 Michael Lee, Alicia Johnson 和 Hal Wolverton 共同担任ECD. 而纽约 Euro 的运营长 Annette Stover, 客户服务部总监 Vanessa DiFebo 和业务拓展总监 Andrew Mueller 将转而向两位联席总裁汇报工作. 而 Andrew Bennett 也将会继续担任 Euro RSCG 环球策略长的职位.

Andrew Bennett 与 Jeff Brooks 将共同负责整个公司的运营, 已经新业务发展的事宜, 目前新机构的主要客户包括 Reckitt Benckiser, Exxon Mobil, Jaguar, Charles Schwab, Kraft Foods 和Hyatt.

Esther Lee 表示: “整合纽约 Euro RSCG 和互动公司 4D 是我们非常重要的举措, 以保证我们能够有效为客户提供多元的品牌和商业解决方案. 因为我们的消费者是生活在一个多元的社会里.”


November 02, 2007
By Andrew McMains

NEW YORK Havas’ Euro RSCG and Euro RSCG 4D today moved to combine their respective New York operations under a single leadership team.

As a result, the departments and 80 staffers of 4D, a digital and direct marketing shop, will be blended in with those of the ad agency, Euro RSCG. The combined 500-person agency will operate under a single profit and loss center as Euro RSCG.

Named to run the office were Andrew Bennett, global chief strategy officer for the network, and 4D CEO Jeff Brooks. Each takes the title of co-president and will report to Esther Lee, North American CEO of Euro RSCG.

“Integrating the New York agency and our 4D digital company is an incredibly important step to ensure that we are able to organically deliver multi-dimensional brand and business solutions for our clients,” said Lee. “Our consumers live in multi-dimension without delineation. It’s time our industry’s business model reflects this.”

Previously, Brooks, 37, ran the digital and direct shop’s New York office and oversaw operations in Boston and Wilton, Conn. The ad agency here had a management team but no president or CEO. New York’s last CEO was David Jones, who rose to worldwide CEO in 2005.

Brooks’ 4D post will be dissolved and 4D executive creative director Patrick Stern will join Euro RSCG’s creative department, which is currently led by three ecds: Michael Lee, Alicia Johnson and Hal Wolverton. New York’s other top managers, including COO Annette Stover, director of client service Vanessa DiFebo and director of business development Andrew Mueller, will now report to Bennett and Brooks, instead of Lee.

Bennett, 36, will retain his duties as chief strategist, a role he assumed in 2004.

The co-presidents will share overall leadership and new business duties but divide primary client responsibilities, though both will work across the agency’s account roster. Top clients include Reckitt Benckiser, Exxon Mobil, Jaguar, Charles Schwab, Kraft Foods and Hyatt.

Initially, Brooks and Bennett, who will share an office, will focus on integrating the two staffs and establishing how they will operate as one. “The type of integration we’re talking about is really as complete as integration can get, where you literally have no borders and you have people sitting by function,” said Bennett.

“Good intentions around integration only gets you so far,” added Brooks. “The operating model has to change. The p and l structure has to change. As long as there are separate p and l’s … the best intentions fall flat.”

Before combining, the New York units of Euro RSCG and 4D shared 75 percent to 80 percent of their clients, which should ease the transition, according to Brooks. And although New York will operate as Euro RSCG, the global 4D brand will remain. 4D has 118 offices and about 5,000 staffers worldwide.

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