Aegis Media任命Lee Stephens为区域数码总裁

Aegis Media 安吉斯媒体

Source: Media Asia – 亚太地区 – Aegis Media (安吉斯媒体)已任命Lee Stephens为亚太地区区域数码总裁。

ASIA-PACIFIC – Aegis Media has appointed Lee Stephens (pictured) as regional digital director for the group in Asia-Pacific.

据一份声明表示, 这个职责是基于他目前在安吉斯媒体太平洋首席执行官的职位增设的。
According to a statement, the new role is in addition to his current position as CEO Aegis Media Pacific.

“在这个新职位中, Stephens将集中于数码媒介和其他媒介的融合。加强地区搜索功能和促进在线广告, 联属网络营销, 设计和移动营销。
In his new position, Stephens will focus on integration of digital media with other media, enhancing regional search capability and promoting centres of excellence for online advertising, affiliate marketing, design and mobile marketing.

“这个角色的创立确定了安吉斯媒体一直致力于为客户提供领先的数码服务和机会的承诺。亚洲将成为世界上增长最快的数码市场, 这一任命将确保安吉斯媒体的构建和资源调配以利于增长, ”亚太地区安吉斯媒体首席执行官Patrick Stahle说, “自1995年来, Lee已经成为该地区领先的数码执行官, 而且他带来了独特的组织技能, 与拥有产品的专业知识的我们Isobar网络总裁Barney Loehnis相互配合。”
“The creation of this new role confirms Aegis Media’s ongoing commitment to deliver leading digital services and opportunities to clients. Asia will be the world’s fastest-growing digital market, and this appointment will ensure Aegis Media is structured and resourced to lead this growth,” said Patrick Stahle, CEO Aegis Media Asia Pacific.
He added: “Lee has been a leading digital executive in the region since 1995 and brings unique organisation skills to compliment the product expertise of our Isobar network director Barney Loehnis.”


Stephens 2007年8月被任命为安吉斯太平洋首席执行官并监督凯络澳大利亚和新西兰, Apollo Marketing澳大利亚和新西兰, 安索帕, Safecom, iProspect和Synergy新西兰。
Stephens was appointed CEO of Aegis Media Pacific in August 2007 , and oversees Carat Australia and New Zealand, Apollo Marketing Australia and New Zealand, Isobar, Safecom, iProspect and Synergy New Zealand.

在安吉斯之前, Lee曾是澳大利亚最大数码媒体机构的首行执行官。
Prior to Aegis, Lee was CEO of Australia’s largest digital media agency, Emitch.

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