[4A] 奥美互动上海找各种人

OgilvyOne 奥美互动

Creative Director/创意总监 (Art Base)



这份工作将跨越多个传播领域,我们的客户在中国和亚太地区的多个市场需要创新的产品和品牌推广策略,并分别在线上线下及网络加以执行,例如:公司网站、产品网站、网络广告、多媒体、CD ROM、直邮、包装、平面和户外广告。请将能充分表达你想法的个人资料和三个最引以为傲的作品寄给我们!

  1. 具备扎实的美术基础,从事相关工作5年以上
  2. 了解设计,视觉及排版,精通数字技术,例如Flash等
  3. 有4A线上及互动创意经验佳
  4. 服务于多种类型的客户
  5. 优秀的领导能力,有过带团队的经验
  1. Can develop work himself and enjoy to do it. Leadership is a must but not the only requirement.
  2. Have to know about digital technology, at least Flash and how different technologies and their limitations will affect the over design.
  3. Art background preferred, require design and typography skills.
  4. Open to the candidates with no agency work experience before but more in smaller setups.

客户经理(Digital Account Manager, Shanghai)


OgilvyOne Shanghai Office is currently seeking Account Manager candidates. Digital Experience is a must.


  1. Bachelor degree or above;
  2. 3 years hands-on experience in Digital Marketing and Communications, practical in Client Management and analysis brief;
  3. Solid understanding of Digital Marketing, eCommerce, CRM, Content Management, Relationship Marketing, Analytics and Internet Technologies;
  4. Familiar with various digital communication channels
  5. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  6. Fluent in both spoken and written Chinese and English.

客户总监(Digital Account Director, Shanghai)


OgilvyOne Shanghai Office is currently seeking Account Director candidates. Digital Experience is a must.


  1. Good at planning and resources leveraging;
  2. Minimum 6 years of account management experience in advertising agency or related field, at least 2 year experience in digital field.
  3. Understanding business and industry, identifying issues, providing sound marketing direction and solutions from strategic views.
  4. Proven success in account growth and revenue generation
  5. Demonstrated strategic or consultative approach to account management
  6. Strong aptitude for building “partner” relationships with clients and colleagues
  7. Strong account management, analytical, problem solving skills and sound financial management skills
  8. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and strong presentation in both Chinese and English abilities
  9. Listening skills and the ability to be open to new ideas from team members, coworkers, industry sources and clients
  10. Multi-tasks management skills
  11. We are looking for a talent with attributes of innovation, passion and creative vision
  1. 至少6年广告及互动广告相关行业客户管理经验,2年以上互动领域佳。
  2. 了解公司业务以及行业情况,懂得发现问题,提供完善的营销方向和解决方案。
  3. 曾成功增长客户数及提高公司收入。
  4. 运用战略性或顾问性方式进行客户管理
  5. 具有很强的建立客户与同事间伙伴关系的能力。
  6. 具有较强客户管理能力,分析能力,解决问题的能力以及较好的财务管理能力。
  7. 优异的中英文书面及口头表达能力以及较强的演讲能力。
  8. 具有较强的倾听能力以及通过团队成员,同事,客户等开创新思路的能力。
  9. 具备同时管理几个不同项目团队的能力。
  10. 具有创新、激情以及创造性的视野。

Consultant – e-Commerce & CRM, OgilvyOne (English and Mandarin Speaker)


  1. 2 years and above of strategic consulting experience;
  2. 3 years experience in CRM campaign and communication planning, execution & process tracking;
  3. Experienced in interactive environment and able to scope, plan and manage an interactive project;
  4. ‘Know-what’ and ‘know-how’ of database marketing. Understand databases for marketing/business usage.
  5. Confident and smooth in management and corporate communication/presentations.
  6. A practical driver, a self-initiator and a strong team player.
  7. A business degree is minimal, Master is a plus.


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