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Title: Account Manager

Location   : Shanghai


  1. Discussing creative ideas with clients, creative, media or production departments
  2. Present agency’s creative ideas to existing/potential clients and handle budgeting matters
  3. Putting strategy and action plan decisions into action, maintaining constant contact with clients
  4. Understands and upholds company’s mission and values


  1. Above 3 years proven experience of account service or planning position in an Advertising agency, consulting company (4A digital agency is preferred)
  2. University graduated, Major in Marketing, advertising, business administration is preferred
  3. Good proposal writing & presentation skills
  4. Good English reading & writing


  1. 与客户及公司创意、媒体和制作部门探讨创意性的方案;
  2. 将公司的创意展示给现有及潜在的客户,进行预算控制;
  3. 实施公司既定的战略及计划,维护与客户之间持续的关系;
  4. 了解并支持公司的目标和价值。


  1. 3年以上广告公司或咨询公司的客户服务或规划部门的工作经验,如有4A广告公司工作的经验将会优先考虑;
  2. 营销、广告及商务管理专业本科学历;
  3. 具备优秀的提案的书面及陈述能力;
  4. 良好的英语阅读及书面表达能力。

Title: Creative Director

Location : Shanghai

Job Description

  • You will be heading up the creative team for SH office
  • You need to have the passion of creating pioneer and top-quality works that deliver marketing results, to extend the brand equity and create unique consumer experience through interactive channel.
  • You will in charge of the creative strategy for our key clients, including Nike, Converse, TNZ and other consumer brands.
  • Build up the local creative team, including recruitment, training and coaching, knowledge sharing and establishing a high creative standard among the company.


  • Strong track record of working on well-known consumer brands, especially on aspiration teens brands relating to sports, fashion, music;
  • Good understanding of branding, consumer behavior, online habit, online advertising and campaigns, and keen to explore ways to leverage the online opportunities for clients;
  • Strong experience in building and leading a creative team, able to inspire team members to achieve great works, and also establish system and workflow;
  • Enjoy working in a start up environment, open to new culture, and working with management to grow the business and build the team in China;

What to expect?

This is an opportunity to work in a fast growing company, and to bring in the fresh perspective and knowhow to an exciting and competitive environment.  Yet, the person needs to prepare to work in a start up environment, and work with management team to grow the business, build up the local team, and establish the work flow and system.

This is a good opportunity for those in middle management looking for career advancement and wants to gain experience in a fast growing market.

Title: Digital Production Manager / Design Leader

Location   : Shanghai

Job Description

  • Overlook the Production Team;
  • Streamline the project workflow with better quality control and resource planning;
  • Build a robust team to support the company operation;
  • Establish training and practice for new staff; and
  • Cultivate an energetic and positive team culture.


  • Degree holder in Multimedia Design, Art Design or related disciplines with minimum 5 years of working experience;
  • 1-3 years of working experience as a designer/interactive designer in the digital agency / web related company;
  • Excellent art sense as well as interactive design sense to deliver excellent design work;
  • Fluent speaking and written English and fluent in Mandarin;
  • Proficient in 2 or more of the following design tools: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, Expression;
  • Able to follow the art direction from creative team to compose layout with good design quality;
  • Strong problem solving, interpersonal & communication skills and team player; and
  • Able to work independently and under pressure.

Title: Art Director

Location: Shanghai

Job Description

  • Reporting to the Creative Director / Associate Creative Director, you will be working with a core creative team on various digital projects;
  • You will be leading the digital creative development for assigned projects and brands, including concept development and innovation, proposal preparation and presentation, key visual development, art direction, interface design, to ensuring production quality, work out the art direction on visual, animation for the projects and give clear direction to the designers in Interactive Design and Production Team for implementation;
  • Follow through the production process to make sure the work we delivered is in high quality and in line with the concept proposed; and Provide on-the-job training and guidance to designers, and also assist in designing training and sharing sessions to uplift our creative quality.


  • Strong visual sense and able to deliver quality layout and art direction;
  • Over 2 years experiences of working in the digital agencies or web companies, with track record of working on well known multinational brands;
  • Be familiar to the digital industry and web/digital campaign production process;
  • With good creative concept and can carry out accordingly;
  • Have the ability and confident to present creative concept;
  • Have passion and responsible, able to face working pressure and challenge; and
  • Be skilled in PC designing software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash), skilling fully operate the software to complete work.

Title: Interactive Web Designer / 网页设计师

Location   : Shanghai




  1. 大专以上学历,多媒体设计、视觉传达、艺术类专业优先;
  2. 至少1年以上相关网页设计经验,具备优良的艺术判断力,熟悉网站设计流程和互联网发展更佳;
  3. 深入理解online/ web production,并能在production过程中引进创意性;
  4. 熟练使用Dreamweaver、Photoshop、 Illustrator、Flash等设计制作软件;
  5. 熟悉div+css代码,并能制作html页面,会ActionScript优先;
  6. 能熟练读写英文;
  7. 细致耐心,责任心强,能适应较强的工作压力;
  8. 积极敬业和有良好的团队合作精神;
  9. 对透过交互媒体开发创意充滿激情。

如果您对以上职位有兴趣, 请发送简历至: jane.he@vivaki.com, 联系时请务必说明该招聘信息来自DamnDigital
If you have the ambition to develop career in the internet marketing area, and look for career development in a fast growing company, please apply with full resume, online portfolio and expected salary to jane.he@vivaki.com . Please specify position applied for in the subject area.

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