Adweek 2007 Digital Agency Of Year: AKQA


04年年末的纽约, 在高楼林立的下曼哈顿的一家简陋的办公室里, AKQA的新任ECD, Lars Bastholm 带着倦意面着墙, 牢骚说 "真该死的, 甚至连个名字都没有…"
NEW YORK In late 2004, AKQA's newly installed executive creative director Lars Bastholm found himself sitting in a cramped office facing a wall, toiling away in a bleak stretch of lower Manhattan "so shitty," he recalls, "it doesn't have a name."

Bastholm他曾是当时丹麦很有名的Agency Framfab的一名雇员, AKQA把他送到了纽约去成立的一个分部. 创建一个数字创意坊作为美国总部三藩市的一个分公司来吸引广告主.
AKQA recruited Bastholm from the highly regarded Danish agency Framfab to open its New York office, part of the San Francisco-based shop's ambitious plan to build a digital creative powerhouse that would capture major accounts.

在他上班的第一天, 他坐在那, 面着墙, 甚至怀疑自己是否做了个正确的选择, 然而不久她就得到了他需要的肯定的回答.
In his first days on the job — sitting there, facing that wall — Bastholm wondered if he'd made the right choice. He didn't have to wait long to get the affirmation he needed.

Bastholm和另一个新来的名叫Rei Inamoto 的全球执行创意总监成功的为可口可乐提供了一个Pitch, 就是这个Pitch 让AKQA在05年的春季成为了全球领导性的数字创意代理. 自那以后直到现在他们不仅吸引了可口可乐还成功的吸引了包括AOL, Motorola 和 Smirnoff. 等在内的很多大客户. 并且把纽约从一开始的小作坊发展到超过60个雇员的代理商.
Bastholm and another new hire at the time, global ecd Rei Inamoto, successfully crafted a pitch for Coca-Cola that led AKQA to be tapped, in spring 2005, as the company's first lead global digital agency. Fast- forward to the present, and the agency boasts a stable of accounts including not only Coca-Cola but AOL, Motorola and Smirnoff. And AKQA's digs are somewhat improved, its New York base housed in a spanking new Soho space that's home to 60 employees.

"现在我们拥有众多其他代理商所梦寐以求的品牌" Bastholm说.
"We have a portfolio of brands now that most agencies would kill for," says Bastholm.

对AKQA来说2007年是他们真正达成全球化扩张的战略的一年. 在公司初成时的目标也终于得以实现. 去年的年收入增长了45%, 到达了9千9百万USD. 并且成功的抢到了Nike, Visa等新的忠实广告主. 又在阿姆斯特丹和上海两地新开了Office.
For AKQA, 2007 marked the year it truly arrived. The agency's early bet that it could build an independent, global, creatively driven digital agency serving some of the world's biggest brands had finally paid off. Revenue last year spiked 45 percent to $99 million, with the agency adding Motorola and boosting its work for longtime clients including Coca-Cola, Nike and Visa. The shop also expanded its global footprint with outposts in Amsterdam and Shanghai.

凭着令人惊奇的发展, 一贯杰出的创意, 数字营销领域的创新和他们追求独立发展的决心, AKQA成功了成为了Adweek评选的2007年度 Digital Agency Of Year.
AKQA's staggering growth, consistently outstanding creative, innovation in emerging digital channels and determination to follow an independent course combine to make it AdweekMedia's Digital Agency of the Year.

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