Wunderman Singapore ramps up Microsoft Team

Wunderman 伟门

Singapore, August 25, 2011 – Nimesh Desai, General Manager of Wunderman Singapore announces the appointment of Michèle Johnson as Client Services DirectorforSingapore office.

With further development for Microsoft in Singapore and across Southeast Asia, Wunderman is reinforcing its senior team with Michèle Johnson to lead Microsoft Global Advertising campaigns across multiple markets.

Previously, MichèleJohnson was Client Services Director of Wunderman in Seoul leading Team Microsoft and new business initiatives.

Nimesh Desai commented, “MichèleJohnson has a strong international and network expertise that will be very valuable for Microsoft and our team.”

MichèleJohnson has spent more than six years at Wunderman, based in U.S., Germany, China and South Korea.

Prior to joining Wunderman, Michèle Johnson spent over four years at Ogilvy and Ogilvy Interactive in Frankfurt and Paris, working on B2B and consumer accounts including Amex and IBM EMEA accounts.

“China and South Korea has been a rewarding learning experience, I am thrilled to support Microsoft across multiple markets in Asia,” said MichèleJohnson.

For additional information, please contact Michel Mommejat, Regional Network Development Director, michel.mommejat@wunderman.com

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