[上海] W+K Shanghai找互动人才

Wieden+Kennedy, an independently owned advertising agency located in Shanghai, China is recruiting for a Community Manager. W+K was founded in 1982 and currently has 1,000+ employees working in Shanghai, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Portland and New York. Our client list includes some of the most-recognized and well-respected brands in the world.
Wieden+Kennedy believes that each team member makes a significant contribution to our success.  That contribution should not be limited by the assigned responsibilities outlined in a job description.  Therefore, this job description is designed to outline primary duties, qualifications and job scope, but not limit the employee or the organization to just the work identified. It is our expectation that each team member will offer his/her services wherever and whenever necessary to ensure the success of our endeavors and to pursue individual career growth.
W+K创立于1982年, 至今在全球7个城市包括上海、东京、伦敦、阿姆斯特丹、圣保罗、波特兰和纽约建立了分公司, 其员工人数已达1000多人。我们所服务的客户包括很多在全球范围内得到广泛认知的著名品牌。

Position: Digital Designer

Reports to: Creative Technology Director 

General Position Summary

The Digital Designer conceptualizes and implements the graphic design, layout and navigation of all online advertising (including websites, emails, banners, viral films and mobile applications) to bring a strong visual identity to the client’s brand.

Major Responsibilities/Primary Functions

Works closely with creative team to execute a visual solution that works with the overarching creative concept

Collaboratively works with the creative team to bring their vision to life digitally by designing and producing the graphic design and layout of site or application

  • Works closely with UX Designer to create original design concepts as visual counterpart off of functional wireframes
  • Communicates daily with Digital Design Manager and creative team on project status
  • Tests sites and graphics across platforms and browsers for the best possible load times and display
  • Organizes and archives files on digital server per digital guidelines
  • Keeps abreast of the latest online and digital media trends, competitive analysis and the ever-changing consumer experience

Qualifications, Distinguishing Characteristics and Special Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic or Interactive Design preferred
  • 3+ years design experience in relevant industry
  • Creative, strategic and analytical-thinking skills
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite products (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and InDesign), HTML/XHTML, CSS and multimedia applications
  • Understands the nature of designing intuitive site functionality, interaction, site architecture and user interfaces
  • Must be able to use appropriate terminologies and language to accurately convey changes or direction in concept or design
  • Ability to interact and collaborate with other departments within the agency to solve problems
  • A demonstrated track record of gaining trust and respect while maintaining composure in stressful situations
  • Exceptional initiative and attention to detail
  • Some evening and weekend work required

职位: 互动设计师





  • 和创意团队密切合作,执行总体创意概念下可视化的解决方案
  • 协作工程数字化设计和生产站点或应用程序的图形设计和布局带来他们的视野,生活与创作团队
  • 和UX设计师紧密合作,创建原始的设计理念,视觉对口功能线框
  • 和互动设计师经理一起对日常创意项目进行沟通
  • 测试站点和跨平台和跨浏览器的图形,提供最佳加载时间和显示
  • 组织和管理每个数字指引服务器的数据档案
  • 跟踪了解最新的网络和数字媒体发展趋势,竞争分析和不断变化的消费体验


  • 具备学士学位以上,平面设计和互动设计专业者优先考虑
  • 创意性,战略性和分析思考的能力
  • 对Adobe Creative Suite产品的精通(Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and InDesign),HTML / XHTML,CSS和多媒体应用
  • 能够直观理解网站功能,互动性,网站架构和用户界面的设计性质
  • 必须能够适当使用术语和语言,能准确地传达概念或设计变更或方向
  • 能与公司内其他部门合作解决问题
  • 能在紧张的工作环境中保持沉着,并获得信任和尊重
  • 冷静,积极,注重细节
  • 能适应工作需要的夜间和周末加班

Position: Digital Strategist

General Position Summary

The Digital Strategist is responsible for impacting the quality of creative work in a direct and positive way by applying understanding of communication and digital media and the cultural and behavioral shifts that come with technological advances.  The Digital Strategist will help lead projects that may include communication design, cross-media planning, social media engagement and innovative applications of technology to provide solutions for clients’ business challenges.  The Digital Strategist plays an instrumental role in ensuring our creative directives, client pitches and new business are developed with a platform agnostic mindset and incorporate or are supported by digital technology where strategically relevant.

Major Responsibilities/Primary Functions

  • Contributes to communication planning strategic/cross-media vision internally and externally; With the Account and Creative team, develops clear and inspiring creative briefs
  • Monitors and interprets cultural, social and digital trends relevant to client business as well as keeps abreast of industry, customer and competitor information and integrates insights into strategic branding recommendations
  • Integrates, into overall vision, a comprehensive awareness of the clients’ positions, relevant technologies and opportunities in the marketplace
  • Contributes in developing briefs, pitch new business and managing initiatives
  • Leverages insights to develop an Experience Strategy and to provide the architecture in which creative teams explore how to guide consumer interactions with the brand and with each other through the brand
  • Interprets web and site-side analytics and incorporates information into point-of-views and strategies
  • Designs and conducts qualitative and quantitative research via focus groups, brainstorming sessions, and one-on-one interviews
  • Integrates (and communicates with client) knowledge with respect to media, creative and messaging effectiveness from one campaign to the next
  • Works with Account Services to develop proactive initiatives that help create new revenue opportunities and gain access to client owned research
  • Partners with Creatives to concept, explore and push the creation of good work
  • Builds honest, direct relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Debates constructively and asks challenging questions

Qualifications, Distinguishing Characteristics and Special Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • Fluent in both Chinese and English, spoken and written required
  • Deep understanding of communication planning and best practices in China
  • Creative advertising agency and online campaign exposure preferred
  • A deep understanding of the interactive marketplace — tech, culture and trends
  • 5 years experience with interactive marketing, social media strategy, gaming and mobile technologies, web strategy, user research, and concept development and creation
  • Exceptional negotiation skills and written and verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate with all levels of employees
  • Solid initiative, attention to detail and follow-through skills
  • After-hours work and overnight travel required





  • 有助于公司内部和外部战略策划/跨媒体视野沟通,和广告客户与创意团队合作发展制定明确和鼓舞人心的创意简报
  • 监督和诠释客户业务以及相关的文化,社交和互动发展趋势,与行业、顾客、竞争对手的信息保持并进,发展集成战略品牌建议的见解
  • 促进全面的设想,全面认知客户的定位,相关技术和市场机会
  • 帮忙发展简报,提案新业务和管理举措
  • 充分利用自身见解发展经验战略和提供架构,用于创意团队探索如何引导客户与消费者利用品牌进行互动
  • 解释网页和网站方分析,并纳入信息点的意见和策略
  • 通过焦点小组,集思会,和一对一的采访来设计并进行定性和定量研究
  • 在与客户交流中整合信息,尊重媒体,创意部并达成有效性共识,持续发展一个接一个广告系列
  • 和客户服务一起制定积极措施,帮助创造新的收入机会,并获得客户所拥有的研究
  • 与创意部合作概念,探索和推进创意工作的好作品
  • 和同事与客户构建诚实直接的关系
  • 建设性的辩论,并能提出具有挑战性的问题


  • 具备学士学位以上
  • 流利的中英文口语表达能力和书面读写能力
  • 对中国市场通信策划方面具有自己深刻理解和最佳实践
  • 创意广告公司和在线广告系列经验优先考虑
  • 对互动市场的先进科技,文化和发展趋势具有深刻理解
  • 五年以上互动营销,社交媒体战略,游戏和移动通信技术,网络策略,用户研究,概念发展和创造相关领域经验
  • 卓越的谈判技巧和书面和口头沟通技巧,能与各级员工交流的能力
  • 冷静,积极,注重细节,后续执行技巧
  • 能适应工作需要的加班和出差

Position: Community Manager

Summary of Position:

A community manager is responsible for developing and producing a social media plan in line with the clients overall brand goals. The Community Manager will lead the overall editorial process of a branded community while developing strategies for activating conversations and ensuring timely monitoring and response.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Interfaces directly with Account Service team to understand business needs and translate into actionable social media plan
  • Plans and drives overall content calendar including production and publishing of social media content
  • Builds and maintains content distribution network by way of social media channels
  • Works with client to create social media moderation guidelines in order to identify issue escalation paths and ownership
  • Schedules and organizes collaborations with multiple departments to generate content on a daily basis
  • Manages influencer outreach to develop on-going relationships
  • Communicates with contributors, key opinion leaders and influencers directly to ensure requirements, deliverables, and incentives are aligned between all parties
  • Monitors social media communities to ensure timely responses as well as ensuring social media conversations are meaningful and true to brand
  • Working with Digital Strategist develops cross channel community engagement strategies and tactics to meet business/communication objectives
  • Working with Digital Strategist analyzes campaigns and translates anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising the social media campaigns
  • Working with Digital Strategist and through oversight of Social Media Writer, identifies conversation opportunities and concepts tactical activation ideas in line with overall brand goals
  • Through oversight of Social Media Writer collaborates on and creates content for feeds and snippets in various social media sites
  • Through oversight of Social Media Writer continuously participates in conversations surrounding our brand, products and content
  • Through oversight of Social Media Writer acts as the eyes and ears of our brand
  • Through oversight of Data Analyst creates and updates daily, weekly and monthly reports

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Fluent in both Chinese and English, spoken and written required
  • 2+ years’ experience in interactive, social media, web publishing or digital PR preferred
  • Demonstrated passion for Chinese internet
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate with all levels of employees across many disciplines
  • A proven track record of gaining trust and respect by consistently demonstrating sound critical-thinking skills and maintaining composure in stressful situations
  • Understands the driving social contract (etiquette, social currency, rules of engagement, etc.) at work on sites, networks, tools and experiences inhabited by our client’s primary targets online
  • Deep understanding of social media and best practices in China
  • Possesses a thorough understanding of social media, mobile and physical computing
  • A proven track record in managing successful online communities
  • Exceptional initiative, attention to detail and follow-through skills
  • After-hours work required





  • 直接面对客户部,了解业务需要并将其转化成可操作的社交媒体计划
  • 策划和驱动整体内容制作行程表包括制作和社交媒体内容的发布
  • 通过多方社交媒体渠道建设和维护内容制作网络
  • 与客户紧密合作建立社交媒体审核指南,以确定问题的升级路径和所有权
  • 安排时间表和组织多个部门合作作为日常内容制作
  • 管理影响者的外联,发展持续合作关系
  • 和出资人,关键意见领袖及影响人直接沟通,以确保满足其要求交付,保持各方面互相激励
  • 监视社交媒体交流确保及时作出反应,以及确保社交媒体的对话是有意义的,忠于品牌的
  • 和互动策划发展人员一起发展跨渠道社区战略和战术,以满足业务/沟通目标
  • 与互动战略师一起分析媒体宣传活动,将建议或定性数据转化成更优化的宣传活动建议和计划
  • 和互动战略师一起对社交媒体的预见,确定符合整体品牌目标的对话机会和概念,激活和品牌总体目标相一致的战术和意见
  • 通过对社交媒体文案的监督,建立合作的内容用以建设社会媒体网站内容
  • 和社交媒体文案合作和预见,不断参与有关我们的品牌,产品和内容的谈话
  • 和社交媒体文案的合作,对品牌的受众发聩有所了解
  • 通过数据分析创建每日,每周,每月更新报告


  • 本科以上学历
  • 中英文流利,口语和写作俱佳
  • 2年以上互动,社交媒体,网络公布或互动公关相关经验者优先
  • 对中国互联网具备热情
  • 出色的书面和口头表达能力和与各阶层员工的沟通能力
  • 在紧张工作环境中能不断赢得信任并保持冷静的态度和批判性思维能力
  • 了解社交合同操作(礼仪,财务,合同细则等),了解所有网络工具和体验客户主要受众群在线的经验
  • 对社交媒体在中国如何表现最佳有自己深入见解
  • 对社交媒体,移动和物理计算了解深入
  • 拥有成功管理在线社区的记录
  • 表现主动,注重细节和后续跟踪能力
  • 能满足工作需求的加班任务

Qualified candidates please e-mail cover letter, including salary requirements, and CV to shanghaijobs@wk.com. Please specify Job Title in the subject line of your e-mail and kindly specify these roles are from DamnDigital

No phone calls, please.
We greatly appreciate your interest in W+K.
Only those selected for the interview process will be contacted.


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