DDB 上海:让网民们从“纯果乐”中寻找钻石

2011年8月8日,报道自上海 – 近日,DDB集团上海分公司,在中国的视频分享网站优酷和微博网站新浪微博上,为“纯果乐”发布了一段新的病毒视频,用于推广这一品牌新的“瓶盖之下”的文宣。纯果乐的新广告活动“再来一瓶,再爱一次”,给予了消费者赢取奖励的机会:它可能是再来一瓶免费的纯果乐,更加幸运的话,也可能是一枚高贵的名牌钻戒。这些奖励将印在每一瓶纯果乐的瓶盖内侧。


观看视频 《献给不再相信爱情的人

Shanghai, August 8, 2011 – DDB Group Shanghai has launched a new viral video for Tropicana on Chinese video sharing site Youku and microblogging site Weibo that promotes the brand’s new ‘under the cap’ promotion. Tropicana’s new campaign, ‘Have One More Bottle, Love Once More’ (‘再来一瓶,再爱一次’), gives consumers the chance to win a free bottle of Tropicana or for a few lucky ones – a grand prize of a diamond ring. The prizes are printed on the underside of every Tropicana bottle cap.

Themed around the different forms love can take, the viral video depicts the humorous attempts of several diverse couples to win a diamond ring as they drink their way through bottles of Tropicana. Tropicana’s campaign will run through to September. In less than a week after the video launch, it had more than 3 million views and has more than 7.5 million views in total.

The video can be viewed here: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjkwODE1ODg4.html


Project:  Tropicana 纯果乐 “再来一瓶,再爱一次”

Client: PepsiCo China 百事公司中国分公司

Creative Agency: DDB Shanghai  DDB 上海分公司

Creative list

Advertising Agency:DDB Shanghai

Executive Creative Director:黄立权(Victor Ng)

Creative Director:金皆竑(jason jin)

Senior Copywriter:祝士伟(John Wish)、吴茵茵(yin yin Wu)

Senior art:罗斯琴(Ross Luo)

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