Big Lazy Robot Visual Effects: Exploit Yourself


Title: Exploit yourself – Spec commercial inspired by Nike.
Year: 2009
Client: I+D
Director: Carl Rinsch
Animation: Big Lazy Robot Visual Effects.
Music: The Prodigy – The Big Gun Down

Big Lazy Robot Visual Effects的Carl Erik Rinsch花了3个月执导了这个充满年轻, 新潮, 激情, 勇敢, 力量, 朝气, 活力…的commercial.

短片中的一些元素正非常对我个人的口味: Parkour, Robot, The Prodigy, BreakBeat, x-Game, City, Street…

这样有着强烈视觉冲击的运动对于爱运动, 爱耍酷, 爱亮骚的年轻人有着不可抗拒的诱惑。

下载: HD 720p, check it out~


Exploit yourself is a Spec commercial inspired by NIKE.

Directed by Carl Erik Rinsch, Expliot yourself talks about your own limits. The commercial was produced in Big Lazy Robot Visual Effects studio from february to may.

Our wish was to show off the nerve and spark and freshness of the city with the strength and power of modern sport competition, all in a whole 3d environment.

Exploit Yourself talks about pushing your limits just for the sake of it.

Who said life at the city was placid?

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