Pixo Punch Limited: 香港旅遊发展局 – 香港夏日盛会

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香港旅游发展局(HKTB)为了吸引更多旅客在今年夏日来到香港,他们委讬Pixo Punch一起來為”香港夏日盛会”设计网路宣传。

Pixo Punch的专案经理Sue Wong提到:「除了配合丰富多彩的线上营销元素外,我们以flash动画来使原本的创意更加生动。」这个网站为了此场由HKTB以及其贸易夥伴们一起合作的盛会以及相关的活动组织了很多细节。

To attract more visitor arrivals to Hong Kong during summer, Pixo Punch is appointed by Hong Kong Tourism Board to develop the online campaign featuring its summer-themed events of “Hong Kong Summer Spectacular”.

“In addition to adaptation of the colorful above-the-line marketing materials, our dedicated flash animation vivifies the original creative.” Sue Wong, Project Manager of Pixo Punch said. This website hosts details for the festivals and events brought by the Hong Kong Tourism Board in collaboration with trade partners and other associations.


Project: HongKong Summer Spectacular
Client: HKTB
Digital Agency: Pixo Punch Limited Hong Kong

Project Director: Ben Woo
Project Management: Sue Wong, Carol Cui
Creative: Alvin Li, Wyman Wong, Andy Cheng, Pat Lau, Wyman Kong
Flash: Andy Cheng
Programming: Franco Li

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    By Oliver Luk Hong KongPublished Jul 14 2011 Hong Kong – Towngas has launched an integrated campaign to promote its new TGC timer function featuring a TVC and other digital executions to showcase how it touches peoples lives.Working with Pixo Punch the company launched its which shows a husband making breakfast for his wife and how the convenience of TGCs built-in-hobs aid him in making hot spring egg. Pixo Punch was also responsible for the campaigns Facebook game called ideas tag.

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