SINGAPORE, June 3rd, 2011 – Sometimes a great idea can be so obvious, one wonders why it hasn’t been done before.

Wunderman’s Z AcademySM Marketer of the Year 2021 competition yielded two remarkable sets of winners: Sybil Mulokwa and Brandon Viney of VCU Brandcenter in Virginia, and Alvin Wee and Liat Beng Neo of Nanyang Tech University in Singapore. The quartet will travel to this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity — and again in 2021, courtesy of Wunderman’s Z Academy. The winners will join its Cannes Lions delegation and be provided with round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, entry to the Cannes Lions Festival and attendance at the Wunderman Global Creative Meeting.

The Z Academy Marketer of the Year competition was open to undergraduate-level students.  Wunderman asked contestants to imagine that the year is 2021, and they’ve just been named Marketer of the Year. Contestants submitted acceptance speeches, videos and campaign ideas, and told the story of how and what they did to make themselves so successful. Some contestants chose to create new products and approaches to marketing, others to revive old ones.

The Winners

Team Cardinal Collection–The Idea

The advertising industry is rife with inspiring creative work that, despite being extremely good, is overlooked. Sybil Mulokwa and Brandon Viney were inspired (or should we say, frustrated) by the concept of working on losing a new business pitch. “It would be nice to redirect that energy for greater good,” said Sybil and Brandon. The result is pairing the non-winning pitches produced by agencies with small business, non-profit and educational institutions that would not otherwise be able to afford the executions.

The result? A philanthropic opportunity for the advertising industry that focused on creativity.

Team MarketyrThe Idea

Singapore’s duo of Alvin Wee and Liat Beng Neo operated under the pseudonym Marketyr. Based on the ability of Social Networking Platforms (SNPs) to offer consumers instant feedback and multiple opinions, their “Friends-with-Benefits” entry is a hybrid of viral marketing and buzz marketing.

Team Marketyr believes consumers are more likely to trust their friends’ endorsements of products. Their idea asks marketers to tag their existing webpage to the products on the shelf. When a purchase is made, the information is shared among the purchaser’s friends, creating buzz within a community. The information will contain links to the product information, including details, price, availability and existing promotions.  If consumers make a cashless purchase using a smart device, information will be automatically shared similarly on SNPs.

The combination of technology and social marketing creates a ripple effect inside the community.

“Singapore’s obsession with social networking has inspired us. We wanted to simplify the way marketing is done for both consumers and producers by seamlessly weaving it into our lifestyle. We want to revolutionize the way Social Network Marketing is done and move away from hard-selling forms of advertising,” remarked Alvin and Liat.

Stephane Faggianelli, President of Wunderman Asia Pacific expressed, “It is refreshing to witness the innovative works that these young stars have produced. Certainly in Asia Pacific region, we need to cultivate more young talents to lead the industry. Big congratulations to the winning teams!”

The Finalists

The search for Marketer of the Year 2021 yielded many unique and innovative entries including:

  • Running Track – Best Informed Decision (Kevin Kristian and Lesterani Saraswati Hapssoro, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Best Informed Decision (BID) combines purchase and interest history with mood identifiers to find the most meaningful promotions for a consumer. By selecting a product and mood, BID finds the item that most suits your wants and needs.

  • Earth, Wind & Flyer – The High Price of Turning Halliburton Around.  A Disaster Story (Allan Steiner and Elizabeth Aroyan, California State University, Long Beach, CA) This exploration of the power of the social web tackled troubled oil giant Halliburton and its need for transparency in the face of a hypothetical crisis. The solution? Leverage social media and develop a campaign that confronts criticism head on by publicly soliciting solutions to the dilemma and offering money should they be put into practice.
  • D’Camroh – Introducing Now (Rohan Cooke and Cameron Bell, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia) In a world of hyperimmediacy, we may actually be totally disconnected. This video entry from Oz challenges advertisers to look away from the computer and reengage with real-life experience like theater, sports and music festivals. The result is to give brands real attitude.
About Z Academy
Z Academy is Wunderman’s international learning program for tech-savvy digital and design students. Since its launch, Wunderman has selected only schools that meet its criteria in collaboration, digital and design skills, and commitment to innovative learning models. In 2011, a total of eleven schools from the U.S., U.K. and Singapore participated in the program.

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