McCann Erickson和MRM合并北京创意团队

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北京 – 麦肯和MRM北京合并他们的创意队伍, 这一举措导致了MRM的部分员工离职。

MRM大中国的执行副总裁Jason Chau在对MRM北京的创意部门的内部声明中宣布: “今后的MRM和ME团队将在北京被整合成一个统一的创作团队。 ”

Chau指出, MRM的执行创意总监Barry Wong和副创意总监Kevin Wang将离开该机构。

麦肯北京的执行创意总监Bill Chan将负责管理的MRM创作团队。该声明还指出: “所有的MRM创意团队成员仍然是MRM公司的一分子 , 但将在工作方面直接向Bill Chan汇报”。


麦肯和MRM的发言人确认了此次调整并指出, 两家机构在次之前有过部分账户上的团队合并运作, 如英特尔。“因为之前的合作已经证明了是有效的, 所以我们认为我们可以将这样的合作模式全面的运用, 目的是为了提高我们的创意水准。”

此次重组是继国内的机构遭受了连续几个月的业务困境之后而形成的。这位发言人补充说, 目前MRM上海和北京办事处工作人员的总数一共只有60人。MRM的来源表明, 这一员工人数相对高峰期的130左右的人数有了大幅度的下降, 但该公司无法提供之前的工作人员数量。

该发言人证实, 该机构的创意团队和帐户管理团队都有人员离开。她说: “如果客户的预算变得越来越少, 我们必须作出反应。 ”


关于对上海资源的转移这一事宜, MRM的全球总裁Bill Kolb评论说:  “MRM以北京为总部, 已经进入了一个强劲的大中国‘优势中心’的模式, 无论在是测量, 分析, 创意, 社会媒体或研究方面。我们正在寻找利用有势力的, 灵活一流的队伍, 以满足市场需求, 包括在上海, 为我们的客户提供高效并且周到的解决其业务问题的方案。”(文/Jane Leung)


McCann, MRM merge Beijing creative teams
by Jane Leung, Jun-09

BEIJING – McCann Erickson and MRM Beijing are merging their creative teams, leading to departures from MRM.

An internal statement by Jason Chau, the executive vice-president of Greater China MRM, to the creative department of MRM Beijing announced: “Moving forward the MRM and ME team with be integrated to form a unified creative team in Beijing.”

Chau noted that MRM ECD Barry Wong and associate creative director Kevin Wang would be leaving the agency.

Bill Chan, the ECD of McCann Erickson Beijing, will be overseeing the MRM creative team. “All MRM creative team members still remain part of MRM but will report to Bill Chan professionally,” the note stated.

The overhaul follows MRM’s decision earlier this year to centralise its China operations in Beijing, reducing its presence in Shanghai.

A spokesperson for McCann Erickson and MRM confirmed the restructure, noting that the agencies had operated merged teams previously on accounts such as Intel. “Because it has proved effective before we thought we would adopt it across the board. This is about raising the creative bar.”

The latest restructure follows a difficult few months for agencies in China. The spokesperson added that the current MRM headcount across the Shanghai and Beijing offices was 60. Sources within MRM indicate that this is down sharply from a peak workforce of around 130, though the company was unable to provide previous staff numbers.

The spokesperson confirmed that both creative and account people had left the agency. She added: “If client budgets get smaller we have to react.”

MRM Beijing currently services clients including Intel and Microsoft.

Commenting on the shift of resources away from Shanghai, MRM’s global president Bill Kolb commented: “MRM has gone to a strong Greater China ‘centres of excellence’ model, whether it is measurement and analytics, creative, social media or search, based in Beijing. We are looking to leverage scaled, nimble and best-in-class teams to meet needs across the market including Shanghai, providing our clients with efficient, thought-driven solutions to their business problems.”

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