W+k上海: Nike姐妹淘 落户人人网


热切庆祝Nike姐妹淘 —— 首次为Nike Women设计的社交媒体平台今天粉墨登场,落户人人网!现在加入Nike姐妹淘,赢取了限量版动感礼包。

自2月16号 Free campaign 问世以来,Nike Women现在也发展了长期的社交媒体平台,与目标消费者进行更深入的互动。

Here I am so glad to inform you all that Nike Women social media platform Nike Sisterhoodgoes live today on RENREN! Go and check it out, to win the limited premium kit!
With 16th Feb women focused Free campaign successfully kick off, now Nike women has a long term platform that can engage and interact with our target consumer.

Here, I wanna convey the sincere gratitude to your efforts and sleepless nights and days in the past 2 months to make it go live ON TIME, APPRECIATED! It is huge team work! Thank you team, you guys are warriors:

Xiuhong Zhao, Kerli Teo, Gino Woo, Joseph Lau, Howl Lee, Wendy Wu, Ray Cheung, Karkin Leung, Jeff Yan, Angel Ng, Stone Xue, Adrain Lai, Vivian Feng, Fang Yuan, Jame Li, francis Lam, Aaron Kuo, Charinee Charirasmisak, Rodion Yudasin, Charlie Cheng, Yinkeng Wong, Jackie Liang , Jenny Chen, Lauren Rodwell, Chris Dixon, Tina Bao, Jarrett Dube, Patrick, Phoebe, Ben Tseng, Mo Yang, Radio Woo, Nick C, Zebra Hua, Hai Bo Huang, Mudd Wang, Hammer Liu, Penni Fu, Flora Yang, Gerry Yang, Sally Zou.

Stay tuned & check it out:

Special thanks to our lovely Nike clients as well, we received a sweet and nice cupcakes this afternoon for celebrating the kickoff.

Project: Nike姐妹淘
Client: Nike 耐克
Advertising Agency: W+K Shanghai

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