Eight-conceived video scoops Adfest win

Eight Partnership, in collaboration with Kami desserts, wins ‘Best Internet Film’ from Adfest

Hong Kong, March 22, 2011 – Eight’s collaboration with Kami desserts – a sweet love story set in a sushi bar – won approval from Adfest(亚太广告节), one of the most respected regional professional bodies.

The short film, entitled ‘A Sweet Encounter’, was a huge hit over the holiday season and has to date been viewed on Youtube more than 350,000 times, and has over a million hits on Youku, one of China’s main video sharing sites. The six-minute film garnered much press attention when it was first aired online and has received significant praise since launching.

“We are very glad that this little film that we produced is recognised not only by mass audiences in the market, but also by the top industry professionals across the region,” said Bennett Leung, Eight’s Senior Art Director.

Conceived by Eight and directed by Chan Wai Mo, better known as YAMANYAMO, the short film tells of a romantic connection amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, with two people sharing a quiet moment while their respective partners remain preoccupied with their mobile devices.

“The win once again proves we are one of the best creative departments in Hong Kong, if not the region, in engaging audiences through online channels,” said Christopher Chan, Associate Creative Director. “A big thank you must be given to the client at Kami and everyone involved in the creation of this delightful film.”

The Adfest recognition, and the ‘Best Internet Film’ award, makes the success of the film all the sweeter. Adfest is judged by top industry professionals throughout the region and the award “is a tremendous bonus to this campaign,” says Leung.

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