Leagas Delaney上海: 万得城广告代理李戈斯雷尼巧应竞争对手百思买的退出

2月22日百思买宣布退出中国市场。上海李戈斯雷尼迅速做出反应, 确保消费者知道他们至少还有一个能够提供国际标准产品和服务的电子消费零售商为他们的质保问题吃定心丸。

万得城秉承了其在欧洲市场闻名的大胆火辣的沟通风格, 这一次也不例外, 李戈斯雷尼在如此突发的情况下还是不忘让万得城适当的幽默一把, 更负责地承诺广大消费者, 完全不必为未来担心。

上海李戈斯雷尼的合伙人Jacob Johansen表示: “这则广告无疑是我们在中国市场沟通策略的一个典型范例。”

作为一个特立独行的广告代理公司, 李戈斯雷尼始终相信态度、灵感和挑战, 而绝非传统而空洞的产品介绍或者价格大战。Jacob说: “我认为, 来自报纸、广播、电视的市场反馈, 特别是在博客和网上论坛的消费者反馈都已经证明了, 大众喜欢而且需要这种辛辣而又聪明的沟通, 大家都乐在其中。”

本周四, 在上海万得城淮海路店迅速激增的客流已经充分证明了他们受到的关注度。Jacob对此评论道: “但我相信, 这只是万得城在中国应对突发事件的第一个实验, 在不久的将来, 我们的反应速度将会随着我们的经验而越来越快。万得城是一个充满活力并且积极应对变化的品牌。这与我们对待市场和广告的观念不谋而合。”

Leagas Delaney Shanghai in Charge of Media Markt’s Teasing Goodbye to The Competitor Best Buy.

As Best Buy announced their redraw from the China market on February 22nd Leagas Delaney Shanghai took quick actions to make sure consumers are aware they still have at least one consumer electronics retailer offering international standards.
Media Markt, known from Europe to be bold and direct, has ensured the consumers of their intent to stay put with a fun yet teasing ad that tells them not to worry too much about the future.
“The ad is a very good example of our approach to communication in China,” says Leagas Delaney Shanghai’s Managing Partner, Jacob Johansen.

Leagas Delaney believes in teasing, inspiring and challenging advertising , rather than the traditional communication build around endorsements or product and price alone. “I think the feedback from newspapers, radio, TV and especially the consumers on blogs and forums online shows that people appreciate more fun and edge in advertising.” Says Jacob.

Judged by the traffic in the Media Markt store on Huaihai Lu in Shanghai, the attention has been paid off as visitors numbers rose already on Thursday. “I think this will only be the first of more quick response ads from Media Markt in China. They are a very vibrant brand and fast to comment on things going on in the community. That’s a great approach to advertising we fully agree with,” says Jacob.

Project: 万得城广告代理李戈斯雷尼巧应竞争对手百思买的退出
Client: Media Markt 万得城电器
Digital Agency: Leagas Delaney Shanghai 上海李戈斯雷尼

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